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The Best Women's Watches 2019


Watch is a necessary accessory of any girl. Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, the watch is a stylish decoration to complement your look. Now, unfortunately, few women wear a wristwatch, as their direct duty is to show time, they have cleverly adopted mobile phones. To update yourself, its better to stay connected with latest fashion trends for women. Probably for this reason, designers are trying to create an original and interesting design of watches in their collections.

Good quality watches cannot be cheap and you should not save on it. By choosing this accessory must be approached responsibly. After all, watches are an indicator of your taste and social status. Good and expensive watches immediately attract interested looks.

Fortunately, almost every fashion brand has a collection of stylish clothes as well, so you can easily find the design you like among a huge variety of their forms and models at sacrificenow.

1. Round watch

In the first place in popularity are watches round. Simple concise design trend of the year. But a simple design is more suitable for everyday use. For evening events or special occasions, of course, you can safely choose watches with massive decor, inlaid with precious stones or crystals. Strap material, choose any, based on their personal preferences. Leather straps and metal straps will also be leather. Amazing and original models can be found in the watch collections of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors and many other famous brands.

2. Square hours

The square shape of the clock is now less relevant. It is preferable to still choose a large watch with a round dial. But still, large watches can look unsuccessfully on skinny hands with thin wrists. Therefore, the owners of small hands and just lovers of square-shaped watches should choose just such a watch. Small square watches will look very neat and elegant.

As for the socks, you should not be limited to only them. In view of the new trends and trends, it is very important to wear a watch in combination with one or more bracelets, selected to match the tone and style of the watch. Personally, I am very impressed with this trend. So your image will become even more stylish and memorable.