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The changing table: the essential comfort for changing diapers


The arrival of your baby is often the moment when new furniture appears in your furniture. This is particularly the case of changing tables, ideal for changing your child's diapers safely. vertbaudet offers a selection of Baby Change Tables aesthetic and comfortable to equip your home. From white to dark gray, the greenbaudet changing tables are made of wood and have several storage compartments to store all the essentials for baby changing. Of boxes and storage baskets can even be added on the sides or bottom of the table to optimize any storage space available.

Foldable, corner, wall-mounted ... the changing table adapts to your available space

Depending on the space you have available, you can choose a changing table, ideal in rooms or bathrooms large enough, or a foldable changing table, to avoid cluttering too strongly your interior. Our changing tables also adapt to your rooms: you can for example opt for a corner changing table if your room is too narrow. Another option to save space is the changing wall table, which folds when not in use and is transformed into a beautiful decorative mirror. Finally, the models offered by Vertbaudet guarantee the comfort and safety of your child at the time of change. Quite wide, changing tables allow your child to maintain a certain freedom of movement.

The changing table: the essential comfort for changing diapers


During the first year after birth, baby will spend a lot of time on the changing table. Therefore, it will be necessary to choose a mattress comfortable and adapted to its morphology. Beyond changing mattresses, Allobébé offers you an incomparable choice of models of changing tables that will allow you to store all toiletries and diapers.

The changing table is part of the essential furniture to acquire when a baby arrives. Indeed, very practical it allows to change baby with ease by giving it a stable seat. It is a clean space to dress and undress a child.

Changing tables with or without storage

A changing table can be equipped with storage units with drawers or shelves that are located below the changing table. These storage units are very practical, so you can put the soft wipes for the baby's bottom, diapers, spare clothes, ointment, it can have everything at your fingertips and save time.

If the purchase of a changing table is too expensive for you, it is possible to simply buy a changing mat that can be put on a dresser for example, it is better to cover the mattress with a cover special or towel so that it is more comfortable for baby.

It is important to test foldable changing tables before you buy them to make sure they are folded and unfolded.

The bath combination changing table

This bath combination changing table can be very useful when there is not enough room or you want to have a system to change the baby directly in the bathroom. There are models of changing tables with an integrated plastic bathtub, but this bathtub will be usable only until 6 months of baby, as soon as he can sit he will indeed splash all around him and the risks of fall will be increased.

A secure changing table

The changing table must be chosen with the utmost care. Make sure that the words "comply with safety requirements" are written on the changing table before you buy it. This indicates that the stability and effectiveness of the side guards is well respected. You should never leave a baby alone on the changing table even for a short time, an accident is very quickly arrived.

A secure changing table

To change baby safely while ensuring its comfort opt for the changing table! Practical, this piece of furniture offers both storage space and a platform to put baby during the toilet. Some rooms have bathtubs to give your child a bath. Others are evolutionary, making it possible to transform the moment when the changing table becomes a simple dresser. Do you lack space? The wall changing table and the folding changing table are made for you! Buy your changing table at Auchan and benefit from fast delivery at home, in the withdrawal point or in the shop.