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Ramesh Kumar

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In the past few years, there has been a magnificent uprise in the reported cases of new types of dysfunctions and diseases related to the reproductive health of average aged adults throughout the world. Many people believe that this uprising is due to the current living conditions that are seemingly not fit for the health of individuals.

The best doctors, gynaecologists and other medical professionals from the top hospitals in Bangalore, have one common reason to blame this: stress. We all know that modern life is troublesome and takes a toll on our physical as well as mental health in ways that are not clearly seen immediately. After a long time, it becomes very difficult to find a way to be able to remain healthy through all this.


Science tells that humans have evolved through hundreds of years since civilization began. Apparently, our closest family member, in terms of genetics, is chimpanzees. Human DNA also has some common links to the family of snails and even some sea creatures. It is said that all life evolved from a single-celled organism which makes chimps our cousins but the common ancestral link has still not been found.

The process of evolution can be thought of as the natural process of growing the number of better-suited individuals of the same species. Simply speaking, there is nothing that we or other species do consciously in order to produce better offspring.

The species simply reproduce, and nature takes care of the fact that the new generation that follows a particular generation of any species, is better suited to live and adapt in nature.

Evolution has been backed up by scientific evidence and is more than just a fictional tale that one may choose to believe or not to believe. Researchers and scientists have also found fossils of our ancestors and can clearly see that with time, after years of reproduction and evolution, our physical and mental capabilities have seemingly increased and made us become much more capable of a number of things that our ancestors were probably not capable of.


Now imagine what would happen if say a few generations of a particular species like human beings started having trouble with reproducing. Does this mean that evolution would stop?

The answer is no. Even though a few generations may have to face trouble with reproduction, the process of evolution still goes on, and the next generation will definitely be much more capable than us.

Infertility is basically having trouble in conceiving and giving birth to children. Unlike the previous times, our generation has to face a number of social and other issues which lead to people developing things like stress and anxiety. In some cases, stress or other details about one’s lifestyle can hamper the ability to be fertile.



Infertility and trouble with conception are seen in women in various forms. Sometimes, it develops into a troublesome condition that also starts to interfere with the daily life of an individual.

Gynaecologists from the top hospitals in Bangalore and other cities often suggest their female patients who are struggling with PCOD or PCOS to make changes in their daily lifestyle and eating habits to deal with this condition.

In this, women generally develop numerous fluid-filled cysts on their ovaries, making the egg releasing process of the ovaries more difficult. In many women, this basic process is skipped a few times through their monthly cycle.

Apart from that, PCOD or PCOS also makes women develop acne on the face and neck, usually leaving marks even after healing. It also disturbs the natural hormonal balance of the body. Due to this disturbance in the normal levels of male and female hormones, women also tend to develop hair on their face and neck.

Since these are lifestyle-related disorders, they can only be treated by having a better routine in daily life. For example, eating habits should be improved and changed if necessary; sometimes, women also need to cut down on their intake of junk food, and regular exercise is also an essential step.

 This condition can be controlled through regular steps and physical exercise if not completely cured, and women suffering from PCOD or PCOS can lead a normal life without any serious medications. Yoga and meditation can also help women to manage their stress and emotions, thus taking care of the root cause of infertility amongst many others.