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the head start to spin after turning round, why?

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Chhavi Tyagi

@ digital marketer | | Health-beauty

Everyone loves to play, jump and do prank and one of such mischiefs is to go round and round, which kids often do and sometimes even try it out but the more fun it is to go round, the more trouble stops. We do it because after turning round, when stopped, our head starts to spin and it seems difficult to balance. 

In such a situation, you must also know what is the relation between turning round and moving your head when you stop. So, let us tell you today the reason for dizzy head rotations. 

You may be surprised to know this, but our head movement is related to our ear, so first let's talk a little about the ear. Our ears not only do the work of listening, but also their important work is to balance the body. 

The outer part of our ear transmits the voice to the internal organs of the ear and the inner part converts the voice into electrical signal and sends it to the brain. The inner ear structure is crooked with irregular shaped tubes. Liquid is filled in these tubes. This fluid plays an important role in maintaining the balance of our body.

Come, now we know the relationship between moving the head and the ear when it goes round - when we go round and round, the fluid in our ears also starts to rotate and this fluid controls our brain. When we stop suddenly after rounding, then this fluid keeps circulating for some time, due to which our head starts to rotate and when after some time this fluid stops moving, then we come back to normal.

Friends, hope you like this information and will prove beneficial for you.