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Prashant Kumar

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The Perfect Us Book Review


Durjoy Datta became my favorite after I read his novel "I love you" and now he is again back with his new book "The perfect us". This is one more emotional book by Durjoy and the book kept me stick to it till the end. Believe me; you can't stop reading this book as it connects to you so beautifully.

The Perfect Us is a story of Avantika and Deb who are married to each other from last 10 years and now the lady wants to take the relationship to next level and wants to be a mother. Basically the whole story revolves around this one topic and all the problems associated. The story starts with the couple's expedition to Mount khilimjaro. However, I didn't like the section much as Deb seems to be very disinterested all the time during the journey. The major story starts when they are back home and the major twist when Avantika asks Deb about having a child. Deb has many questions and confusions in mind. During this chapter, you can easily relate to the problems and insecurities of today’s couples while planning for a child.

The story also has other characters which add spark to the story, one of them is Shrey. Shrey is a character which you all will love, no matter what he does. The book also shows the love and care of Deb’s family and also the family pressure in his life.

Deb and his friend Shrey are writers in the story and somewhere in the middle of the book; Durjoy has highlighted the problems faced by the writers of TV shows in today’s time. He has pointed out that how writers have to change or mould their storyline according to the characters or producers of the show so as to increase TRP.

The end of the book has major twist and turns and the end will actually surprise you. It is unexpected!! It will make you cry and that's the beauty of a Durjoy Datta book, it binds you so deeply in the story.

The book is so far the bestseller and you can go for it. The book will be available at minimal prices on Amazon upcoming sale. The upcoming Amazon sale will have a collection of large number of books and novels and you can get them all at never-seen-before prices.

How good are the characters of the book?

The characters of the story are relatable and you will find them real. While reading the book, you will find that the things happening with the characters in the story are so real and there are many such people around you in your real life. The characters will make you laugh, will make you cry; it will be all natural emotions. Every character in the story connects to the readers very well and this can be regarded as the huge success of the book.

Best Part of the book?

The best part of the book is the connection of the character Deb with the author Durjoy. There are many similarities between the two and so the book seems to be like an autobiography.

What could have been better?

The book seems to be a bit lengthy, the author could have completed it in some less pages. There are many things that are irrelevant to the story and could have been skipped by the author.

About the Author

Durjoy Datta is a famous Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur. He has written many books and some of his work includes novels like “I love You”, "Now That You're Rich", "She Broke Up, I Didn't!", "You Were My Crush", "If It's Not Forever", "Till the Last Breath", "Someone Like You", "Hold My Hand", "World's Best Boyfriend", "The Girl of My Dreams" and many more. He has also written stories of various television shows like Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi on Sony TV and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera on Star Plus.