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Daniel Brown

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The Pros and Cons of professional tax preparation


Any work involving taxes is not pleasant. The system is complicated and broad, and the issue at play here (i.e. your taxes) is very important. From losing out on benefits and write-offs, to downright incurring fines and breaking the law, doing your taxes carries a big burden of responsibility on any business owner. Records need to be meticulous, your archives spotless, and your work needs to be thorough. This means you are facing three options. Either do it yourself, use some kind of software, or hire a professional.

Our advice for you is to employ professional tax preparation services, and to utilize them effectively. These are not easy decisions to make, and an expert can do you a world of good. Read on below, and decide for yourself.

Pro: Saves you money and time

Instead of navigating the legal battlefield and dealing with a great deal of bureaucracy, you can have somebody else do it for your faster, and with more efficiency. Instead of wasting your time on analysing instructions and publications that your tax department puts out, you can focus more on your business.

Furthermore, there is a very real possibility you will make a mistake when handling all this paperwork. Fixing them can end up being a nightmare. A tax professional will help you avoid these mistakes, and can even notice certain deductions and write-offs that can work in your favour. Know that even using software can end up being more expensive than a professional, due to the software licence subscription costs. Furthermore, there are businesses that have tax situations too complex for a piece of software to handle.

Con: Scams are rampant

Getting the right personal accountant can mean the difference between a bureaucratic nightmare and a very positive impact on your profits and expenses. You should always go with a specialist, an attorney or an accountant that actually deals with taxes, not just a regular practitioner. Either ask for recommendations, or check what licensees are issued by your government’s tax department. Then see if the professional you are interested in actually has said license.

Pro: Deductions and write-offs

An interesting point to consider is that in certain situations getting the assistance of a tax professional means that said services can be deductible. The preparation fees of an accountant can be a miscellaneous deduction, which you can report to your Tax office.

In fact, a great deal of expenses that follow contacting a tax professional can be deducted. Things like the mileage that went into meeting the professional tax preparer, the costs of contacting them via post or online. Buying documents and manuals on how to handle your taxes can be deducted, as can some other fees in regard to preparing your taxes.Quite often professional tax preparation services pay for themselves, in terms of money and actual time. This is especially true if they gave you advice on how to

handle your business to get better tax options in the future.

Con: The initial price

The initial cost of getting a professional to assist you can be substantial, depending on the amount of work they need to do. Indeed, a large business with a complicated tax background and system may cost a great deal, both in terms of money and man-hours. But as we’ve mentioned, it’s up to you to decide whether the cost is worth it.

Pro: Expert Advice

You will get excellent advice that you can use in the future. By having a professional tax prepare on call, you won’t have to worry about the services you are being offered. They can improve your business in many ways, advise you on what you can do differently later, and who to get the most out of your taxes and your business dealings.

You can learn what opportunities there are in regard to saving money and lowering expenses. A good accountant can advise you on general business planning and direction throughout the entire year.


Taxes are a stressful affair, and getting some professional advice can be a godsend. While their initial costs tend to be rather high, especially if you have a complex business, they often pay off in the end. The advice you get is invaluable, and through deductions and write-offs you receive from your prepared taxes, this kind of service often pays for itself. The chance of making a mistake and ending up in bureaucratic hell is diminished greatly, allowing you to rest easy at night, knowing you’re in good hands.