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There are many rich temples in India that are well designed and are of a high standard but Venkateswara Temple is the biggest momentous temple in India. It is rated the most beautiful well-constructed temple across the universe. It is one of the respected places in India.

The History of the temple

The temple is located in Chittoor District in the town of Tirumala. The temple is devoted to Lord Venkateswara who is believed to be an incarnation of Vishnu. Venkateswara is believed to have appeared in the ancient times to bring salvation to men who were being troubled by Kali Yuga. Some of the other names of the temple are Tirumala temple, Tirupati temple, Tirupati Balaji temple. Venkateswara is also called Balaji and Srinivasa.

Building and construction

The temple is situated near the holy waters of Sri Pushkarini. It is well designed such that it pleases the eyes of everyone who sees. The architecture used in the building was an innovation of Dravidian who started construction since 300AD. The temple has three entries that are leading to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Of the three entrances, one is called Mahadwaram. The temple has a big tower which measures almost 50 feet high.


The temple abides by the Vaikhanasa Agama way of worship. It has two current buildings that are well designed and for that reason is ranked the eight Vishnu. Some of the complex buildings inside the temple are; Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasadam used for meals, hair tonsure houses and pilgrim houses used for lodging. Guest houses have also been constructed to help the pilgrims whenever they visit. There is also a holy pond called Swami which is situated in the northern side.

Why it is the richest temple

Venkateswara is definitely the richest temple so far in the entire universe due to enormous factors it withholds. This temple receives heavy donations on a monthly basis. Each day, the temple hosts visitors from across the universe totaling to 100,000. Whenever there are special moments in the church such as festivals and other celebrations, visitors number increases to a total of five hundred thousand people. Statistics conducted in 2016 showed that the temple received 27.3million visitors. This, however, makes the temple the most loved temple in the world. The temple is loved since people believe that the Lord exists there. Some of the legends indicate that the temple hosts a deity called Murti which they say shall remain in Venkateswara throughout the stay of Kali Yuga. It is believed that the Lord came to save mankind and is fully residing in the temple.


There are holy places with different deities inside the big temple. The first one is for Lord Ram Lakshmana and Hanuman. Other shrines are dedicated to Krishna. The Lords attendant is Vishvaksena who supervises the wealth of the Lord. There are other deities among them are;

• Tirumala Dhruva Bera-This is the deity for energy. It is believed to be supplying energy to people.

• Bhoga Srinivasa- Bhoga is a silver idol which is placed at the foot of the entrance.

• Ugra Srinivasa-It is considered the fierce from the Lord. The idol is cleansed always using milk and water.

• Koluvu Srinivasa-This idol is made of five metals. It is believed to be the main supervisor of the other idols in the temple including finances and usage.