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Prem Singh

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The Ultimate Guide to Write a Blog Post


Digital Marketing Provides You the Better Solution for Writing Best Blog in 6 steps. You Can Note Down the Steps :

1. Understand Your Audience

2. Create Your Blog Domain

3. Choose a Best Theme Related to your Business

4. Choose an Attractive Title who can Increase your Engagement

5. Write an Introduction

6. Organize your Content

1. Understand Your Audience

Before Creating the blog, Understand your Audience and define strategy to target the audience. Because the Audience is very important for Improving your Business Online/Offline.

2. Create You Blog Domain Name

You must choose a best domain name before creating your blog account. Keep in mind that Domain name should be very simple and Attractive to User. It help to user for remembering There name directly.

3. Choose a Best Theme Related to your Business

After Selecting the domain name you must select the Best Theme for your Blog Having very attractive UX/UI Design .Once user come in to your blog then they must be happy after seeing your Page Structure Or theme of your Blog Page. You must put some info graphics for Explaining your Blog Post.

4. Choose an Attractive Title who can Increase your Engagement

After creating the blog page Theme the most important thing is that to decide the title for your blog.

Before creating the blog title you must remember some Points i.e

a) Your Title Must Cover the Keyword.

b) Title length should be only 60-70 Characters if Possible.

This Is Important because Attractiveness of your Title Increase the Engagement Of your Blog Post.

If your title is very attractive and Eye chache to user then Whenever User search that Term In Google search engine Then there is possibility of Showing your blog Post. As more click you get in your Blog Post Google increase the Blog ranking Also.

5. Write an Introduction

After Selecting the Blog Title You thing on the Content of that Blog. First Keep In mind that Blog should be very simple and understandable to your Targeted Audiences. So this thing Keep in mind and start writing your Blog. In first paragraph you must give the Introduction that why you choose this topic etc. Introduction is totally depends in the Title which you Selected. Also in Your Introduction there should be targeted keyword.

6. Organize Your Content

After doing the entire thing you must read Your Article one or 2 times and if you found any mistake you can correct before publishing the Blog.

Best of Luck For the Beginners For writing your First Blog. If you have Any Question On this Put in the Comment Box.