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Vanshika Sharma

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Things to Know Before Going on a Tiger Safari in India


If you are planning for a tiger safari trip in India then you must have knowledge about these things before going on a tiger safari in India. If you want wildlife holidays full-on thrills then you must understand the ground realities. So here we have listed some tips that you should remember before going on a tiger safari trip in India.

1. Tiger Safari is not a zoo

Things to Know Before Going on a Tiger Safari in India

Tiger Safaris is situated in Jungles so you cannot decide already that what you want to see and where you can find tigers easily. You have to find tigers or to wait for the Tigers to see.

2. Always Carry an Identity Card

There are some national parks in India that insist to carry an ID card with tourists. You cannot get into the park without showing your ID to the guards. Not every park insists you to have an ID with you but it helps sometimes.

3. There is more to see in the forest than tigers

Indian jungles are not only famous for tigers but there are a lot more other things to see than tigers. One can also get a chance to spot some other animals such as leopards, deers, wild boars, jackals, wild dogs, birds and many more.

4. Indian forests are thicker than others

India owns very thick and dense forests and tigers can anywhere in the jungle so is a matter of luck to spot a tiger in the Jungle. You have to survive or try your luck in Jungle to see a tiger sight.

5. Indian summers are too hot

If you are planning a tiger safari trip in India during summers then you have to find an air conditioning lodge to stay. But the fair side of Indian summers is that there are strong possibilities to spot tigers. There are water holes in Indian jungles that open in the summer season and Tigers came out to quench their thirst.

6. Some Parks in India Remain Closed in Monsoon

There are some national parks in India which remains closed for tourists during the monsoon season. So always collect useful information about the safari that you are going to visit.

7. Always listen to your guides and Drivers

Your forest guides and drivers visit daily to the jungles so they always know better about the jungles. So whenever they ask you to make no movements then always follow their instructions. Following their instructions can protect you from any kind of danger.

8. Follow the Park Rules

There are some rules to be followed in Indian jungles such as you can not get down from the jeep without the permission of your guide, you cannot play any kind of music or instrumental stuff, you can not smoke inside the jungle and more. So always follow the jungle rules and keep yourself safe.

9. Never Get Out from Your Lodge in Night

Almost all the national parks in India have their lodges close to the jungle and animals do not know the difference between jungle and lodge. So always listen to your lodge staff and never go out in the jungle at night.

10. Be Careful of Your Surroundings

Jungles are always full of many toxic bugs and insects such as snakes and they can be anywhere in the jungle or in your lodge room too. So always be careful of your surroundings.

11. Always Be Curious

Apart from tigers, there are many other things about the jungle that you do not yet know. So talk with your guide and drivers they have many stories to tell you about the jungle.

12. Never Argue with your safari guide

Arguing with your guide because you didn’t see any tiger will not lead you to the tiger sighting. As we mentioned above, the tiger safari is not a zoo. You may or may not spot a tiger in the jungle. So arguing with your safari guide is not the right solution for this.

So these are some of the most important things you should know before going on a tiger safari in India. It may help you to feel happy with your tiger safari trip in India. If you have any queries and suggestions about the tiger safari in India then tell by commenting in the comment section below.