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Tips for Designing a Small Bedroom


1: Let your ceiling make a statement.

Small Bedroom Feels Bright and Glamorous

Gold polka dots draw the eye upward, elevating the appearance of the ceiling in this small bedroom. A patterned ceiling may work for you if your bedroom has sloped ceilings or an odd shape.

2: Opt for a hanging nightstand.

Willing Suspension

Rachel Whyte

If your bed fits in a tight nook, free up valuable floor space with a hanging nightstand.

3: Or DIY a nightstand to fit your space.

Navy Blue Bedroom With Stylish Pink Nightstand

Finding furniture to fit a small space can be difficult. Instead of spending hours searching for a mini nightstand, make your own with an old or unused table.

4: Mount your bedside lighting.

Bedroom With Globe Light Fixtures Hung As Sconces

Jennifer Liseo

If you’re working with teeny-tiny nightstands — or no nightstands at all — consider mounting lights or lamps to the wall.

5: Install a Murphy bed.

Guest Bedroom With Built-In Cabinets and Murphy Bed

Photography by Brandon Barre

Freeing up floor space in the blink of an eye, a Murphy bed is an age-old solution for a small space.

6: Go bright and all white.

White Guest Room With Geometric Mirror

An all-white color palette creates a fresh, bright atmosphere that helps small spaces feel larger. Mix soft creams and off-whites to add warmth.

7: Or go bold with color.

Blue Bedroom With Abstract Art, Gallery Wall and Coral Accents

But — if you love color, go for it! Bold hues and attention-grabbing patterns can actually help distract from the small size of a space.

8: Utilize every square inch of space.

Under-Bed Clothing Drawers

Under-the-bed storage is key in a small bedroom. Consider some of these options: wheeled boxes, drawers, locked boxes, storage bags or shoe organizers.

9: Add horizontal wood planks to the walls.

Small Neutral Bedroom With French Door

Horizontal wood planking visually tricks the eye in this bedroom, making the room appear wider than it is. This might be the right choice for you if your room lacks architectural interest … or if you’re a Fixer Upper fan (shiplap, anyone?).

10: Or stripe your walls.

Green and White Striped Bedroom

If wood planking isn’t your thing, painted or wallpapered stripes achieve the same visual effect.

11: Get a bedside C-table for instant workspace.

Bedroom Table for Small Space

Photographer: Christina Wedge

If you need workspace but have no room for a desk, buy a C-shaped table that will stash your laptop and tuck underneath the bed when not in use.

12: Use a desk as a nightstand.

Mirrored Bedside Desk With Mercury Glass Lamp

Baker Design Group

Instead of cramming your space full of furniture, opt for pieces that serve multiple purposes, like this desk that also works as a nightstand.

13: Display accessories as decor.

Reclaimed Shutter Jewelry Display

Virginia Bell; Edit By Virginia

Let your favorite jewelry and accessories serve as decor in your bedroom, freeing up storage space elsewhere.

14: Reflect light with mirrors.

Small Neutral Transitional Bedroom With Mirrors

Mirrors make a powerful visual impact in a small room by bouncing light throughout the space, instantly making it look larger.

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