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Kamlesh Joshi

network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted on |

tips on choosing a perfect iPhone screen protector


With so many screen protectors you can choose from, how will you pick the right one? The process can be broken down into five steps that will enable you to leave the store with something worth your money.

1. The composition of the screen protector

This is the part where you should look at the specifics. While most iPhone screen protectors look the same, they don’t have to be made from one piece. For instance, one protector might be full-glassed while the other is a hybrid protector. The hybrid protector has carbon fiber-glass components that are usually glued to the rest of the protector. What can happen is that when the glue wears off the screen portion might peel.

Peeling is something that won’t happen with full-glassed tempered glass protectors. However, even here you should look for glass quality. Regardless of grading and thickness if the glass is of lower quality the protector will be flimsier.

2. The smoothness of the coating

The smoothness of the screen protector is directly related to the coating quality. If a company doesn’t feel like spending a bit more they might get the lower quality coating. The result will be a grainy surface that will leave fingerprints and even water.

The best way to avoid this is to get a higher quality tempered glass. This can also be resolved if you take your time to learn the specifics and find out which of the lower-end protectors have a nice quality coating.

3. Neither too thick or too skinny

A thick iPhone screen protector will probably be more durable, but it might seem bulky. On the other hand, a thinner protector will feel nice, but it will leave you with less protection. You should consider what is best for you. If you drop your phone often or you are working on physical jobs, you should get the thicker one. Ideally, you should aim for 0.3 mm, with that thickness you will get an optimal balance between something that feels nice and is durable.

4. How does it look?

After all, you are buying tempered glass for your iPhone. While its main purpose is to protect your screen, you don’t want it to deflower the beauty of your phone. This is the main reason why 3D full coverage is the best choice. Itwon’t leave room around the edges and it will provide the ultimate protection.

5. How clear is the glass?

Finally, having a screen protector won’t do you any good if you can’t see through it. Even the best quality protectors have a transparency percentage of 99%. You would be surprised how bad 95% transparency looks like. This is again one of those features that should be listed on the specifics of the packaging.