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Tips on Finding a Good & Reliable Pen Drive


Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive is a versatile stockpiling gadget that is utilized to exchange information starting with one PC then onto the next by means of USB ports. They are additionally extremely helpful and most straightforward approach to information exchange and documents from PC to PC and is currently being utilized by nearly everybody. Pen Drives have additionally turned out to be exceptionally shabby these days yet their capacity limit has expanded, all things considered, over the time.


A Standard SanDisk Pen Drive

Ordinarily I have seen individuals aimlessly going for any pendrive without knowing its details, learning of brand and highlights. It could be because of the reason since they are shoddy and they don't generally think about its quality, yet on the off chance that you esteem your information and need a solid, strong and a quick Pen Drive then you should the accompanying focuses in your brain.


1 Important Things to Look for in a Pen Drive

1.1 Design and Build Quality

1.2 Brand/Company

1.3 USB Interface

1.4 Storage Capacity

1.5 Data Transfer Speed

1.6 Other Features

1.7 Warranty

Imperative Things to Look for in a Pen Drive

Here are some imperative things and parameters that you ought to consider before purchasing a pendrive for your information exchange needs.

Structure and Build Quality

Today Pendrives comes in different extravagant shapes, structures and sizes to draw in clients, yet I suggest the conventional or standard shape (rectangular or square sort) on the off chance that you need some toughness. The assemble nature of your pendrive ought to be great and it should feel strong and strong in your grasp. Likewise attempt to keep away from miniaturized scale pendrives and little pendrives as they have higher danger of getting harmed and getting lost.

extravagant pen-drive

A Fancy Pen Drive from SanDisk


Brand or Company is critical in choosing a Pen Drive. Some great brands of Pen Drives are SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, HP, Kingston, Corsair, Strontium, Adata. It would be ideal if you maintain a strategic distance from nearby marked pendrives from brands like iBall, Enter and so on.

USB Interface

USB 2.0 Pen Drives are exceptionally normal and are utilized each day. Yet, from at some point USB 3.0 Pen Drives have begun to come in the market with marginally more expensive rate go than the USB 2.0 Pen Drives. Here I encourage you to get a USB 3.0 for the additional cash if your financial plan enables you to generally USB 2.0 Pen Drive would be great as usual.

rise above usb-3-pendrive

Rise above USB 3.0 Pen Drive


For ordinary everyday office work and for exchanging word archives, PowerPoint introductions, exceed expectations records, content documents, some mp3's, a pen drive having a limit of 2 GB to 4 GB is adequate, however on the off chance that you are wanting to utilize your Pen Drive to exchange DVD's, Videos, Music, Games or other huge documents then you ought to get a pendrive with limit going from 8 GB to 32 GB or considerably more i.e. 64 GB, 128 GB, 512 GB (Maximum Capacity).

Information Transfer Speed

Information Transfer Speed of a Pen Drive or any capacity gadget is characterized into two i.e. Peruse Speed and Write Speed. We frequently state them two consolidated as Read/Write Speed. Higher the Read/Write speed of a gadget, the higher or quicker is its execution will be. Peruse/Write Speed of Pen Drive is commonly estimated in MB/s or Megabytes every second. Additionally it ought to be noticed that Read Speed is generally higher than the Write Speed of a Drive.

Peruse Speed – It is the speed at which information is perused from the Pen Drive. It is normally estimated in MB/s.

Compose Speed – It is the speed at which information is composed on the Pen Drive. It is additionally estimated in MB/s.

Peruse Speed > Write Speed as more work is done in Writing Data on the Disk when contrasted with Reading it.

For Example, Strontium JET 16 GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive has Read Speed of 40 MB/s and Write Speed of 15 MB/s.

So ensure that the Pen Drive you are choosing has higher Read/Write Speed when contrasted with others.

Different Features

Different Features incorporates LED Indicator, Security Software and so forth. Driven pointer comes in extremely helpful as you can get a thought that the drive is still in activity and it is exchanging information.