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Tips to consider while buying a small refrigerator


From the extensive personal research, I did research on refrigerator brands and on a top model, I found that many different types of users all seem to agree that it is a complete solution to any office, camping trip, homeroom or college dorm. The fridge is very versatile and works on several levels.

It has a smooth back design, adjustable shelves and automatic defrosting which will meet all your refrigerator requirements. The smooth back design work very well with the scratch resistant worktop, and among others make it easy to slide into tight spaces.

My personal refrigerator review focuses on all the points which have affected users.

  • Freezers
  • Storage Options
  • Efficiency


Generally, there have always been discussions on how well freezers work in mini fridges. Many argue that these freezers tend to freeze the food in the refrigerator compartment. This little fridge has no freezer which makes it highly practical, allowing for more food and beverages to be kept cold at the same time.

Furthermore, you finally get the chance to eliminate time wasted on manually defrosting your old refrigerator. The thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature. I found that many users have actually tested the thermostat thoroughly and found that the model can actually cool beverages and food in less than an hour which seems very reasonable.

Storage options

Some users mentioned that they at first glance found the space for storing food and beverages too small. However, on a closer look, the adjustable shelves make it convenient and easy to fit all your needs.

The measurements of the refrigerator make it a perfect option for all types of needs. It will fit in any dorm room, either as a usable workspace or as a tight fit in between spaces. It is a nifty little fridge which can easily be moved without receiving any scratches.

You can also count on the adjustable reversible door to shut tight, making sure your cans and food will not end up scattered after a bumpy car ride. If you arrive at your destination late at night, the refrigerator has a very satisfactory interior light to guide you to your needs. This feature works wonders on a camping trip.


To sum up, the refrigerator is a great little fridge which takes care of many needs. It will fit into any dorm room, household or office, and can easily be moved to your satisfaction. An office of 10-15 workers would all be able to benefit from the fridge due to its versatility.

Tips to consider while buying a small refrigerator


The storage space is not enormous; however, it has the ability to be very adjustable. The 3 wire shelves make sure you have the possibility to fit in a big meal, or a couple of six-packs depending on your current situation.

Based on the positive response which users have given on the model, it seems to work great for almost any case, being that of a household, dorm room or even field trip. You can easily move the fridge around without having to worry about getting scratches on it.