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Tips To Win Custody of Your Child in a Divorce Case


Child custody is one of the most common cases in the family court nowadays. It happens after couples with small children decided to divorce. Whether it’s the father or the mother, who is asking for full custody or joint custody, it’s a case that is difficult to win especially if both parties are filing for the care of the child. Thus, a custody battle commences. To get acquainted with the process of child custody, you must know that there are four types of child custody where the court will base its decision. These are:

Legal Custody

A parent that was granted with legal custody with the child has the power to make any decisions in behalf of the child. He or She can decide about the education, health and religious choices for the child without consulting the other half for their opinions.  

Tips To Win Custody of Your Child in a Divorce Case

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Physical Custody (Visitations)

Physical custody enables the child to live with one parent that has visitation rights for the other half. If by any chance the child was able to stay with the parents on equal terms, the court might grant them joint physical custody.

Joint Custody

As mentioned above, if equal time was given to the child by both parents, they are entitled to the joint custody of the child. It can be awarded as either joint legal custody or joint sole custody. In this type of care, both parents share primary responsibility in deciding for their child’s future.

Sole Custody

According to family lawyers Sydney custody case experts, sole custody is awarded to one parent if the court has proven that the other half cannot support the child and is declared unfit. However, this is a sporadic case because family courts usually award parents with sole physical custody or joint legal custody.

These are the types of child custody where the court base their decisions. To win the favor of the court, there are things that you should do. These are regular payment of child support, building a strong relationship with the child, maintaining an accurate record of visitation schedule, attending important social gatherings where the child is involved, preparing a space for your child at home, and ask for mediation or arbitration. Among these, the following are the most essential.

Constant Payment of Child Support

It is essential that as a parent who wants to win the favor for the custody of the child, you have a right track of giving regular child support payments. Whether it’s a formal or informal arrangement, you should be able to maintain records of receipts, letters or any document where the child support is reflected.

Building a Strong Relationship

If by any chance the child is not in your custody, it is essential that you make calls or visit the child in the school to check their progress or attend a parent-teacher conference. Your presence is important.

Preparing a Space for Your Child At Home

Whether you live in a small flat or not, it is essential that there’s a special place for your child. That is because the court will require proper living accommodations for the child during the court hearings.

These are some of the most useful tips in winning the custody of your beloved child.