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Top 20 Amazing Web Design Blogs You Must Follow

Blog: Top 20 Amazing Web Design Blogs You Must Follow

James hayes

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Web designers need to keep abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and advancements in the industry when it comes to developing a top-notch website. We have brought together 20 amazing web design blogs to make it easier for designers and developers.

Smashing Magazine

This blog publishes articles on graphic design, web design, CSS, typography, user experiences, an innovative matter for developers and web designers. Smashing magazine blog also provides freebies like plugins and templates. You can also get e-books, printed books, ePUB.

Webdesigner Depot

Here, you get amazing and informative articles on web design, user experiences, freelancing, and along with these you also get essential resources like free fonts, mockups, icon packs, templates. It provides you with informative posts.

Mockplus Blog

Follow their posts to keep up with the latest design developments. This blog has articles that encompass design inspirations, templates, UI/UX designs, prototyping, collaboration, and the latest website design trends. Sign up for bulletins from prototyping experts.

Webdesign Ledger

It is a well-organized blog and has five categories in the website design and development section. Here you get inspirational stories and interviews of web designers. UI, graphics, web design, and development articles are there in this blog along with book recommendations.

A List Apart

A unique blog which comprises of articles related to content strategy, information architecture, web state, user research, graphic design, web standards, best practices. It maintains quality articles.

Hacking UI

It is an amazing place for designers, entrepreneurs, and web developers. This blog is all about design interaction and front-end development.

Inspired Magazine

For web designers, it is one of the best places to find inspiration. The design is tidy and plain. Although you must buy the magazine before the articles can be read, it certainly lives up to its name and offers a boost of inspiration.

Creative Bloq

Whether you are a novice or a professional you can land on this blog which is a monthly magazine and provide you content on web design, development, inspiration, practical tips, daily references.

Webdesign Tuts+

It aims to help you learn creative skills and how to use these abilities to earn money. This site's mission is to help individuals learn and earn online. For web designers and developers, this blog is also a great place. For beginners, there are lots of helpful guides, including free tutorials, learning guides, and online courses. They also have e-books that touch on graphic design and web design.

Design Bombs

It began as a web design gallery but has since become a wonderful place to share ideas, tutorials, and other helpful resources for designers and developers. This is the place for you if you are running short of inspiration.


It is designed and built for web designers, developers, and users of non-tech applications. This site is often visited by many design and coding professionals from small to large companies, as it provides articles, tutorials, and industry news about trends and techniques.

Web Designer Wall

Thanks to its quality content and beautiful design, it is a web design blog that has been recognized and featured by many magazines and galleries. Because of its illustrative design, web design trend reviews, and amazing coding tutorials, most individuals love this site.

Design Shack

It has collected almost everything in one location in terms of design and development. Trends, software, freelancing and navigation, mobile, UI/UX, CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript. If you want to hone your skills and stay updated, this is the right place for you. With more than 15,000 members, all these topics are regularly covered.


For designers and web developers, it is also a leading online magazine and resource site. The platform, based in Singapore, aims to explore, and share useful tips and tools on design, creation, and other useful subjects.


Posts on subjects such as JavaScript, WordPress, jQuery, Sass, Responsive Design, and many more can be found.

1st Web Designer

They publish papers on a broad variety of subjects, including web design, graphic design, UX design, social media, programming, tutorials, etc.


Codrops is a blog for web design and development. It publishes articles and tutorials on the latest web trends, techniques, and new techniques for design. The team at Codrops is committed to providing free, useful, inspiring, and innovative content.

Design You Trust

If you are a web designer, catching a few glimpses of other designers outside of your profession is informative. You can learn more about new trends and design methods through torrential notifications.


With prize-giving ceremonies taking place in different cities throughout Europe and the Nations, it honors some of the best and most innovative website designs on the internet.


It is now a popular blog where through posts, tutorials, and examples of site designs, you can share web design ideas and inspiration. This site's style is clean and sleek.

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