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Ramesh Kumar

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Top 20 Gifts to Get the Bride to Be


Someone you know or someone close to you is becoming a bride. And you are invited to the wedding. Unlike what Rachel did to Monica before crashing in her apartment. For years. So we are guessing you are luckier than Monica. The excitement of attending a friend’s wedding, the food, the dances and the general air of merriment is just way too good to not get carried away. But you are forgetting something. Yes, the gifts for the bride that you will have to select and put some thought into. Otherwise, you might as well forget getting invited to her baby shower or her sister’s wedding. Haha. Just kidding. Unless we are not!

Jokes aside, it is a given that the wedding gift for the bride has to be thoughtful. You would like for your friend or your relative to remember you with fondness whenever they see the gift. So, how to select a good wedding gift for bride? 1st thing you have to keep in mind is, the bride is most likely moving to a new house. And she will need quite a few things to make that house her home. And then there is her honeymoon which will require all the things that makes travel less messy and easier. So the best surprises that you can get a bride to be is something that will help her move into a new house and also assist her in traveling.

Top 20 Gifts to Get the Bride to Be

Here we are with a list of 20 wedding gifts that you can give the bride.

1. A couple portrait: This is the first thing that should come to anyone’s mind as a wedding gift. A portrait of the bride and the groom together. Digital portraits are pretty easy to get your hands on and they look really pretty. Although, make sure the frame you choose is elegant and classy. The bride will cherish it forever.

2. Wedding Vows: What an amazing wedding gift a printed and framed wedding vow is to the bride and her partner. The vows will remind them time and again why they are together and how they have each other in the toughest of times. If not framed, you can also get them a set of 7 adorable vows that will actually matter in their daily lives.

3. A Personalized box for wedding ring: A beautiful wedding ring box that can be used as a jewelry box as well. What’s better? It is personalized with her name and maybe even a sweet message. The bride can share it with her partner, or keep both her wedding ring and engagement ring tucked inside for safe keeping. It makes for a beautiful gift for the bride on her wedding day.  

4. A Framed Picture Of Her Engagement Day: A beautiful memory framed with the most elegant of frames would delight the bride once she opens the gift. You can also add a personalized message to the frame if desired. Maybe the date of their engagement. Home decor gifts make a great gifting option but before picking a frame make sure it matches with the home decor of the bride’s place.

5. A world map: Looking for a wedding gift to the couple? This is a cherry on the top if they love to travel. A world map where they can mark all the destinations they have been to. Including their honeymoon. You can get the bride a scratch-able travel map or one where she can pin the destinations with pictures.

6. A Cosmetic Bag: An elegant cosmetic bag will be the bride’s favorite. You just have to make sure it is compact and has enough compartments for all the things a cosmetic bag is for.

7. An Instant Camera: If the bride loves things which are old school, like a tangible photograph rather than a digital one, you can get her an instant camera to capture her memories with. Of her honeymoon and all the coming memories she is to share with her husband.

8. A Set of Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mug: They are so adorable. How can we not include them in the list? If not coffee mugs you can also go for Mr. & Mrs. pillow covers.

9. A Bridal Wedding Hamper: If the bride is someone who is pretty close to you then she deserves more than just one gift on her special day. And your best bet is a wedding gift hamper that has all the necessary items a bride would need.

10. Luggage Tag With Initials: After the wedding, honeymoon is next. And the bride will need all the knick knacks, however small, for the travels. Things that make the travelling easier and do not impose on the honeymoon experience. So an elegant luggage tag with her initials on it would be a thoughtful gift.

11. A Photo Album With Customized Cover: If the bride is old school, she would love a photo album. No matter how easy it is to have a collection of your wedding pictures on your system, the charm of tangible photographs are unmatched. If the bride feels the same, a photo album customized just for her would be a delight.

12. A Just Married Door Mat: This one a cliché but imagine the silly smile the bride will have while putting the mat on floor of her front door.

13. A Spa Gift Card: You know how stressful planning a wedding can be. And bride deserves a nice relaxing day after all the hullabaloo is over.

14. A Journal For Two: A fun journal for two offers the couple a writing prompt to complete each day for a year. This journal will give them promts and help then do something new with each for the first year of their marriage or whenever they choose to use it.

15. A Date Night Planner: A planner for Date night will have tons of ideas about how to make the most of the bride’s initial days of marriage. Honeymoon won’t last forever. The couple will need these ideas to keep their love filled days even more exciting.

16. A Luxurious Bathrobe: You know the joy of getting a practical and yet luxurious gift for any occasion. A pair of thick woolen socks, a bottle of your favorite but really expensive shampoo or as we mentioned a good quality, luxurious bathrobe.

17. An Elegant Passport Case: The honeymoon needs a lot of things and the passport case is one of those things. An elegant passport case will help the bride keep her passport handy.

18. A Book: Yes. A good book is a gift that can be for anyone and for any occasion. And it is a perfect gift for the honeymooners. A day of sand, wine and a good book in an exotic location. The appeal is unmatched.

19. A Cute Carry On Suitcase: The bride will use a goof quality carry on for years to come even after the honeymoon is over.

20. A Kitchen Mat: Again a very practical but a memorable plus thoughtful gift. As it happens many couples shift to their new homes after the wedding. A good quality and beautiful kitchen mat is a gift they will thank you for!