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Top 5 best android speed up apps 2019


Top 5 best android speed up apps 2019

Android is the biggest app-store with more than 3.6 million apps available for download. It has maintained the top position in the operating system since 2010. Its growth has increased exponentially over the years and has accounted for more than 80% of sales in 2017. Marshmallow, Nougat, and Lollipop are some of the most popular Android versions.

With more and more downloads everyday, people complain of low performance and some take up task killer to kill the apps. Either way, you are harming your machine.

Why is it harmful to use a task killer?

Primarily, a task killer is a mobile app which forces the mentioned apps to stop working immediately. There are different types of task killers. Some kill automatically at the stipulated time and others kill only when the user mentions specifically.

An Android operating system does not require a task killer for optimal performance. It can manage the apps on its own. In fact, by using a task killer to force-stop a process or a task, an additional load is added on CPU. And it consumes more power and consumes double the time to start again. Hence, by using a task killer, CPU overheats and reduces performance.

So, don't use a task killer, instead use one of the following apps which can help to speed up your Android.

1. Android Assistant:

Android Assistant offers you a wide variety of tools and features which will help you boost your phone. You can monitor your phone's status and information regarding battery, CPU usage, memory used etc.

This app provides you 3 tabs wherein you can monitor, process and control the tools. And, like any other booster app, it can clear cache, browser history, install/uninstall in bulk.

Can support Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Download Android Assistant

2. RedGreen:

RedGreen has been quite a popular booster app in recent times. This is the easiest app to use with a very easy user interface. It also has been a Finalist at CTIA Tech Awards 2016!! You can easily make your phone more efficient by reclaiming the storage space. Red Green portrays many features like App Manager, Battery Saver, Junk Cleaner, Data Security and best of all Facebook Optimizer. One touch you can deny all the unnecessary permissions. Moreover, this app is compatible with all the Android devices - Smartphone, Tablet etc.

Now, you can easily lock the required apps on your device individually.

Its USP is Facebook Optimization. It has been reported that the Facebook app drains 20% of our battery and reduces the performance of other apps by 15%

So, UnfoldLabs has come up with this unique app which can optimize your Facebook app.

Download RedGreen- Best App Cleaner

3. Speed Booster:

Speed Booster claims to accelerate your phone faster by 50%. It helps you with deep power clean with just one click.

Now, clean all your junk files and folders, easily and free up RAM. It can even boost up the other games and apps available on your device.

Like any other booster app, it also acts as an app manager, battery saver, CPU cooler and cache cleaner.

Speed booster has a very easy user interface and uses less than 3MB of your phone.

Download Speed Booster

4. Avast:

Avast has been popular among the desktop folks. However, it has come up with a powerful booster app for Android mobiles as well. It can free up to 12GB and make your RAM perform faster by 20%. It does act like any other booster app but also has special features. It can detect hazy pics in your gallery and removes bad photos to free up space. It removes pre-installed bloatware and other apps that are not in use. Avast claims to save your battery life by 60%

Download Avast Cleanup for Android

5. RAM Master:

RAM Master is a memory optimizer which can free up the required space immediately and speed up the device. It checks the phone temperature and responds accordingly. It can automatically trigger the RAM master to cool the CPU and save it from overheat. It’s also an effective speed booster for new apps and photos.

Download RAM Master