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Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software


If you are looking for Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software than must read this article. 

The multimedia industry growth 30 per cent per year so you can make a good carer into this field. There is Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software for editing, recording, music composition and pod-cast. 

I should tell you these Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software are industry level and used professionals. Firstly you will need good PC with good speakers and microphone. However now have a look at the Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software.

Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe is a well-known brand in multimedia and they use their long experience on this software. Audition packs with wide range of features and AI fiction. Its a very heavy software size is almost 1GB and used by professionals. It also support adobe other software with this you can use premiere pro after effect all together at the same time.


⦁ Lots of feature for the edition

⦁ Impressive and modern UI

⦁ Support Adobe Eco-system


⦁ Too many features for beginners to learn and understand

⦁ Not for music production based editing

⦁ Subscription base license

Platforms- Windows and Mac

Price- Free trial/$20(monthly)

2. Logic Pro X

The Logic Pro X is the higher version of Apple Garage Band and offers great feature, similarly software experience is great just like any other Apple software. The logic Pro X has smart tempo feature which can match the timing of different track and Flex Time for waveform editing on a single note. But if you need extra feature that you can add via Plugins.


⦁ Works fluently on Mac

⦁ Rich feature and a wide range of plugins

⦁ Support Single note editing


⦁ Works only on Mac

⦁ Expensive cost

⦁ Heard to learn for beginners

Platforms- Mac

Price- $199.99

3. Audacity

You defiantly heard about Audacity before and why not its the best Open source free software. As a result many artist and professionals using this software. For example almost 80 per cent youtubers use this software for edit their audio and music. The Audacity is less than 30 MB but it offer great features for any kind of audio editing. The software is very simple and you will learn with short duration.


⦁ Audacity completely free software

⦁ Available on Cross-platform

⦁ Easy to learn for beginners

⦁ Lots of feature for a free software


⦁ UI is simple but too old

⦁ Mac version crashes sometimes

⦁ Doesn't recognize the plugged mice

Platforms- Cross-platform

Price- Free

4. Fl Studio

Fl Studio if different than others in this list its not a editing software its a music production software. Many proportional artist use this software to create beautiful music and melody. Fl Studio has 80 build in plugins and is support VST standard so you can add third party plugins.


⦁ Loaded with rich feature

⦁ Number one choice for music production

⦁ Support VST standard for third-party plugins


⦁ Too many features for beginners to learn and understand

⦁ The learning process is time-consuming

Platforms- Windows and Mac

Price- Free trial/$99

5. Sony Sound Forge

The Sony Sound Forge is also a great software for audio editing just like Sony Vegas Pro for video editing. Sound Forge in the industry for a long time and has wider range of users. The user interface is like lod school but if you are looking for good audio recording software then this is the best.


⦁ Price cheaper than other software

⦁ Easy to learn for beginners

⦁ Best for audio recording


⦁ Very old UI

⦁ Plugins not Supported

⦁ Doesn't support multi track

Platforms- Windows and Mac

Price- $60

The Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software final verdict

In short reading this article hope your dough about Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software is clear. So there are some software for audio recording, some are for composition and some are for creating music.

If you are also interested in video editing read my Article Top 5 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Firstly you have to find-out your uses then chose the right software for fulfill your requirement. If you budget is tight then go for the Audacity other wise Adobe Audition also a great software. Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software.