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Rahul Jain

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Top 5 Branded Microwave oven in India at Aapnidukan


The world is changing a sheer pace and the life around is moving fast and this busy life doesn't give anyone ample time to cook. Well, thanks to the technology and innovations there are numerous kitchen appliances for easy and time-consuming cooking. Microwave oven being one such device has become a mandatory appliance in kitchens. Now, that you have decided to buy one microwave, finding the right one online would be difficult. So here, we have sorted the list for you, below mentioned ovens have topped the list, Buy microwave oven online to avail exciting offers too.

 Top 5 Branded Microwave oven in India at Aapnidukan


Already a favorite with many homemakers in India, this microwave oven is the complete kitchen companion. Be it for baking, grill, cooking or heating cooked food, this is the best. It even has tactile buttons to control temperature, timer, and alarm to notify when cooking is done. Mirror window, touch keypad, different cooking menus, easy facility to check and control temperatures, everything makes it the most suitable microwave open. Buying this microwave from apnidukan also comes with a warranty and free service ensured. All of the ovens come with a child lock feature for the security of users. Unquestionably, this oven is delivered right on time and comes with a warranty for 2 years.

Morphy Richards

Name synonyms to comfort and ease, the Morphy Richards microwave ovens have started t rule the kitchen in different households. A capacity of 20 liters, and a warranty of 2 years, this oven is very spacious for you to cook comfortably. It also comes with 5 level power to control the temperature which can be equally used for defrosting, cooking or baking. Specially designed for safety, this device helps in reducing temperature or heat while cooking. Go on buy this microwave oven online bake away your cupcakes, cakes, potato chips and everything you ever wanted


With a capacity up to 1950 watt and 25 liters, this is the ideal microwave oven for a modern kitchen. The additional option of a grill is what makes this microwave oven the most desirable. Stainless steel cavity, child-safe lock, multi-stage cooking, different cooking menus, quick start and a defrost button are just the other attractive feature of this microwave oven. Also, delivered on time and with a 2-year warranty, this microwave purchase is worth your money.


3D distribution and electronic LED display, this is the best choice for your smart home. Accompanied by a grill and cook combination, the unplanned dinner just got better. Inverter technology, crisp function, and steam cooking, the variation of this built in microwave oven will leave you in wonder. Unbelievable to read, we say buy it and experience

Click on your choice, buy the microwave online and without the worry of the world, master your culinary skills. Chocolate muffins, pizza, grilled chicken and cakes, everything under of your choice can be cooked with ease and your pace. So finally, your wait for a fantastic microwave ends with ApniDukan.

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