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Rahul Jindal

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Top 5 Color Picks For Indian Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations set the tone of the whole ceremony in front of your guests. Be it for the type of ceremony you are having or where the wedding is going to be, an invitation says it all. So, how about setting the happy tones with the sets of popular colors used in Indian wedding cards . Here we are discussing these colors, what do they represent and how they can make a difference if you use it in your Indian wedding invitations:

Top 5 Color Picks For Indian Wedding Invitations


Red is the color that is used primarily to represents anything profound. Wedding is the event that celebrates the profoundness of love and togetherness and hence is a popular color used in wedding cards. The color is considered auspicious as well and therefore you can see its glimpses in many rituals performed in the Indian weddings. From the flowers to Vermilion powder, red is one dominant color you can see in Indian weddings. So you can have this color as well for your Hindu wedding invitations.


Are you looking for something unusual? Are you looking for something that is not commonly used in wedding invitations but looks as sophisticated? Then black is your color as it defines exuberance at its best. You can have a black color for your wedding cards as it looks nothing less than an ideal choice if you are going extravagant with the wedding ceremony.


White is considered the color of innocence and purity. Therefore you can see that many Christian wedding invitations are infused with the charms of this serene hue. Moreover, with this color, you can add two or more accent colors as well. Many couples are using the splash of watercolors for their invitations which look quite appealing to white. You too can make the best of this color to have a beautiful wedding invitation.


This is one of the popular colors for Sikh wedding invitations. It looks absolutely joyous and hence an ideal choice for this gala ceremony. The color represents joy and happiness and hence you totally can go with it. Also, the color is considered sacred and has religious significance. So, if you are thinking of having some religious elements added to your wedding cards, then this is your color.


Green is the color that represents prosperity. While we all wish for a prosperous future for the bride and the groom, this is a good start. It is also considered very auspicious in Islam culture and hence you can see many Muslim wedding invitations in this color. The color also represents nature. So, if you are thinking of having some bits of it as well in your Indian Wedding Cards, then this is your color.

These five colors are our top pick from the color palette for Indian wedding cards. You can make a choice based on what they represent and even on the color scheme of your wedding. We hope that this post might help you in choosing the hues of happiness for your Indian wedding cards.