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Top 5 Mantras to make your kid Happy & Successful


It is not easy to raise-up a kid happily in a world full of competition. There are so many hurdles that comes in the way of raising successful and jolly kids. But, sometimes we forget to keep them happy in order to make them successful and highly-productive. With spending time with them, taking the right decisions, and dedication, you can help your kid grow both successfully and happily. It takes so much care, affection, and right guidance to raise a kid happy and successful.

Here are the 5 tips given to raise your kid happily:

Show them Unconditional Love

Never let them realize that they are just an asset to secure your senior age. Tell them how to love each other and how to care for other living beings. They need to know that you care for their emotions instead of their GPA. When your little munchkin return home after school and you get back to your house after office, try to stay away from technology like using phones and laptop and spend time with your free birds. You can ask them about their daily routine or what's special going in their life.

Always encourage their special skills

Every child is blessed with a unique talent. A responsible parents must support their kids to keep working on their special skills to become fluent and perfect. Sending your kids to the boarding schools like CSKM can also help them to take their passion to the level of a profession. Teachers at CSKM are specially prepared to make a strong bonding with the students.

Top 5 Mantras to make your kid Happy & Successful

Little things matter for them

Maybe you are unable to understand the importance of little things because you have grown older. But, you need to understand that these little birds just started their life. Remember the old-time when you were happy making and playing with paper boats during the rainy season. Now, it’s their turn to be happy at this age of childhood. So, let them play, explore, and enjoy little things like playing cricket, video games, and conversation with their friends. Even you should participate in reading stories and playing games with them. The more you spend time with them, their childhood is happy and healthy.

Praise their little efforts

Whenever you see them doing little things like helping a friend or pet, never forget to applaud and praise their efforts. There they start learning things and getting motivated for the right things in their life. In research conducted by Carol Dweck, a Ph. D professor of psychology at Stanford University discovered that a person’s behaviour can influence the mindset.


Respect their learning styles

The conventional - silence learning style has gone old. Don’t stop your child if they are learning something while speaking loud or in the form of humming song tune. The famous Harvard researcher Howard Gardner discovered eight kinds of learning techniques through kids can learn best. Some of them include musical, linguistic, logical-mathematical, and interpersonal traits.