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Top 5 Video Streaming Software in 2020


Here are the 5 best video streaming software in 2020. It will compatible with your video streaming platform. There are so many video streaming software development companies provide custom readymade software for customers in the market. 

Top 5 Video Streaming Software in 2020

I hope this list will be very helpful to find the best on-demand video streaming script software.

1. OBS Studio

live broadcasting software first, let’s review the OBS Studio video streaming software. OBS is an open-source, community-developed project. This software is fairly basic in operation and features. 

Key Features

  • Switching between multiple sources, including cameras via a capture card
  • Support for audio, video, image, web browser, and graphics sources
  • Pre-program scenes with multiple elements
  • Transitions, filters, and audio mixer
  • Studio mode and multi-view features

 2. VidBlasterX

Next up in our video streaming software review here is VidBlasterX. First, note that VidBlasterX is both a software encoder and live switcher. In fact, broadcasters can use this software for many tasks. In other words, there are options for diverse live streaming needs.

Key Features

  • Unique modular user interface
  • Overlay graphics, lower thirds, and scoreboards
  • Video effects including support for chroma-key (green/blue screen)
  • Stream via RTMP and record streams to local media
  • Audio mixer with peak meters, input gain, and pan set

3. vMix

Australian-based vMix is another live video production and streaming software. Overall, vMix is a strong option in terms of encoding software.

It includes a wide range of excellent features, and the vMix app includes regular software updates.

Key Features

  • Support for a wide range of inputs including webcams, cameras, capture cards, DVDs, sound cards, playlists, photos, PPT presentations, and more
  • NDI support
  • Chroma key and virtual sets
  • Built-in titling tool that supports animation via XAML
  • Live streaming platform integrations (including with the cast streaming platform)

4. XSplit

Yet another streaming software that’s widely used is called XSplit. XSplit comes in two versions, with a focus on live streaming in a video gaming context. In fact, the “Gamecaster” option targets video games specifically. 

Key Features:

  • Support for a range of inputs including all major capture cards, videos, music, webcams
  • Display webcam and remove the background
  • Professional production features, including enhanced audio
  • Chroma key (green / blue screen)
  • Remote guests via Skype


FFmpeg is mainly a command-line application. This means that this encoding software targets professional users in particular. However, there are some GUI interfaces available.

Key Features

  • Stream via RTMP
  • Encode content using H.264, H.265, and a wide variety of other codecs
  • Any resolution supported
  • Record streams locally