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Top 6 IIT Coaching Institutes in Indore for Your JEE Preparation


Few years back, students from Indore and nearby placed used to go to Kota, Rajasthan for their JEE Preparation, due to the lack of good IIT Coaching Institutes in Indore. Only a few IIT Coaching Institutes were present in Indore, which were neither producing any results nor had good faculties or facilities. But the presence of large mass of very good students preparing for JEE in Indore has attracted some good coaching institutes for IIT JEE along with good faculties. In the last few years, many good IIT coaching institutes started their classes here and you can see that many students have backed top results. Now the students in Indore are competing head to head with students from other parts of India that are famous for IIT Coaching, like Kota and Hyderabad. And students here are facing the same problem as those faced by students from Kota, Hyderabad, Delhi etc, which is – All the IIT coaching institutes claim to be the best, but which coaching institute is actually the best and which one should you opt for?

Rank 1 : CatalyseR Indore –

CatalyseR Indore has produced best results among all the IIT JEE coaching institutes in Indore. It has secured 3 under 10 ranks in last 3 years : AIR-3 in 2014 and 2015 and AIR-6 in 2016. The best minds of Indore come here, so the competitive atmosphere is great. The directors are well qualified, so it is best if you are taught by them. You get good amount of personal attention. Overall it has good environment and teachers are friendly and they keep you motivated. The only problem with this institute is, over the years it has grown and the best faculties have started to migrate to other institutes or other centers of CatalyseR. But currently it is the best option to opt for.

Rank 2 : Kalpvriksha Indore –

They have decent results. The faculties present here are good but their main focus is on extreme hard work, which is actually the best part. There are small batches of 30-50 people, they have to stay from morning 8am to night 8pm in the coaching itself and study, there will be volunteers to help you clear your doubts. Very small breaks during the study hours and not much of talking with friends. So, there is high level of personal attention you get there. Their results are growing year by year and most importantly they are not much into marketing and they do not show fake and misleading results. Only students who are willing to do hard work and are passionate enough must opt for it. Here you need to be determined and dedicated, and you will most likely succeed.

Rank 3 : FIITJEE Indore –

They have produced good results in recent past but the important thing is, it’s not from their Year Long Classroom Program, it’s mostly from their Intensive Contact Program(ICP) and Distance Learning Program(DLP). Most of good students join ICP after they have completed their course in their respective institutes, to give an edge to their preparation. They have comparatively less students but the faculties are decent.

Rank 4 : InJEEnious ACADEMY Indore –

Former Head of the Departments of Stratford Academy, which was one of the best institute in Indore once upon a time for JEE preparation, founded InJEEnious Academy. It has a good selection ratio. 75 students qualified for JEE Main and 25 students out of that cracked JEE Advanced. The number of students per batch is less and the fees is also less but they give high personal attention. As the same faculty teach in all the batches, there isn’t any discrimination between students and the faculty is good. But there’s a drawback: if you do not like the faculties, then you will have no other choice than to leave the institute. So, if you are financially weak then this is a good choice.