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Top Best 3 Common Myths Of Event Mobile Apps


Top Best 3 Common Myths Of Event Mobile Apps

Event mobile apps — the new buzz word of the tinsel town. It is surely the most talked about technology in the events and meeting industry and has completely revolutionized the way planners engage attendees and facilitate networking at their events. Mobile event apps can not only add huge value for your attendees, but also enormously save in printing costs.

But who can afford mobile event apps these days? With onerous price tag often associated with event mobile apps, will it boost your event’s return on investment? Is it ok to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for app development? And lastly, why should you use this technology only for your biggest events?

If you have such questions in mind, then this blog is a must read for you. Read some of the common misconceptions about event mobile apps. Debunk these myths to see how it can be a game changer for your events regardless of their size or your industry.

Mobile apps are only for big events

This is the most popular misconception amongst event organizers. It is true that shareholders of a big event with 2,000 to 3,000 attendees can easily permit the cost of an event mobile app since they expect a good return on investment (ROI). However, that’s certainly not why you get the ROI from mobile event apps. It has nothing to do with the number of attendees coming at your event. Smaller events like meetings, galas,and roadshows can derive as much ROI and attendee engagement from mobile apps as larger events.

The truth is that it is not possible to increase adoption of mobile apps technology unless it is available at every event you host. Your attendees should start expecting an app for every event you host. Regardless of your event size, if you’ve promoted your app, you’ll be able to drive higher adoption, and in return, prove ROI to your event stakeholders.

Eventually, the goal of having event mobile apps is to enhance engagement, facilitate networking and grow your business through sponsorship. Having an app for every one of your events will make your attendees dependent on it to engage with your events. They’ll become so used to it that it will improve overall engagement and ultimately your event ROI.

Mobile Event App Takes Weeks For Development

It is true that mobile event app providers require minimum four weeks to develop an event app. And it is around the same time which event organizers take to deliver an event from scratch. It’s an obvious deadlock here. While planners want to integrate mobile apps into their events, the timeline to develop the app makes them reluctant. Even if the app is developed a week before the event, without lack of promotion, it is definitely on the road to failure. However, this is merely a misconception since mobile apps are built on a customizable core technology.

Mobile apps’ framework these days allows planners to reuse the core technology according to their brand and event. It provides custom branded solutions not only to planners, but also to exhibitors and sponsors. By selecting a mobile app technology provider that can allow you to publish events in few hours, you’ll be able to launch and promote events easily. All you need to do is to find a provider that can deliver on your stakeholders’ expectations irrespective of the lead time.

Event Mobile Apps Cost A Bomb

Your mobile app should not cost you a bomb and leave a hole in your pocket. Sometimes the cost of an app is apparent. Although apps require massive budget consideration, it is mostly because of the popular misconception that the app’s cost can be the killer. This is the primary reason why apps have low adoption rates, especially if you have it in smaller events with smaller budgets.

Event apps’ cost usually depends on the type of app you require. When signing up with a mobile app provider, make sure you see through all the terms and conditions and pricing structure. You’ve invested your time and money, so make sure you are not lost in the labyrinth of fee structure.

Moreover, you can also convert your event mobile app into a revenue generator and make it pay for itself. Most apps providers offer event planners opportunities to feature sponsors and exhibitors. This way you can work with your supplier to develop revenue generator methods. In addition, your app can save you tons of money and time spent on printing brochures and conference material.

Final Thoughts

With the mobile event app market flooded with tech providers, there is an app available for almost every budget. Hope this blog has cleared some of your misconceptions about mobile apps. All you need is a well-designed event app purchasing strategy to make sure you’ve got all the right features at the right pricing.

Visit our website or contact our sales team to discover the pricing of our mobile apps and how you can use them to enhance attendee experience.