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Top Samsung Smartphone in The World


Samsung is one of the top manufacturers and sellers in the Android market. Whoever uses Android, surely considers using the Samsung phones first. Every year, they come up with some different models which have some of the other innovative features. Probably, the top Samsung smartphone is the Galaxy series which has gained fame all over the world. It is to be noted that Samsung is the only company which has been able to give a tough competition to Apple in the smartphone market. They can do that because they provide phones with powerful and innovative features. The timeline of the top Samsung smartphones is listed below:


 Top Samsung Smartphone in The World


1. Year 2011: Galaxy Nexus:


This phone was the result of collaboration between Samsung and Google. It also helped Samsung to take a big jump in the smartphone market. It was a much-hyped phone of its time. People were so much looking forward to the next in this series. This is when Samsung used its AMOLED technology, which has its trademark as well. The configuration of this phone was a display of 4.65-inch, rear camera of 5MP and front camera of 1.3MP with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The reason why this phone got very popular was the availability. Google decided that the most popular network carrier, Verizon, should be selling this phone bundled with their contract. But the performance of this phone in terms of the battery was not very good. The phone also could not be updated when it should have been. It took a big time for Google to bring the Nexus series back again to the Verizon’s network. It was also because the hype of this phone was so much, that users ended up not being satisfied after finally using it. Even though the display, speed and design were impressive, it could not that much of a success. As per its own time, this phone managed to grab the attention of millions of people worldwide which was hard for others to do.


2. Year 2012: Samsung Galaxy S II:


The maximum amount of attention that Samsung got in the market was in the year 2012 and it kept increasing afterwards. Phones before Galaxy S II could not get too popular because of the binding with carriers. The Galaxy S model has different names kept by different network providers. So, it was a common understanding between the decision makers of the company that the phone will get its required attention only if they market it with the same name. The understanding was right, and it did help them. The special thing about this phone was the usage of expensive parts and inclusion of apps which were made by Samsung itself. It was in addition to the apps by Google itself. They also had S voice which worked like Siri in Apple phones. It was the major reason why people wanted to buy this phone.


3. Year 2013: Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The phones in their initial times had very small displays, which grew over time. For a long time, companies stayed at 4-inch displays. The norm was broken by few companies like Samsung. In the year 2011, they came up with a 5.3-inch display. In the year 2013, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 went even bigger and reached to a 5.5-inch display with Note II. The bigger display seemed overwhelming to some users, but people started getting used to such big phones. Nowadays, so many of them have replaced Kindle with phones- they read the book on phones. Watching movies on phone has also become a common thing to do, thanks to all those big displays. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came with 5.7-inch (bigger than note II) which was a Super AMOLED display.

This phone changed the era of displays in terms of size. It was a flagship feature of Samsung. It impressed people so much that people started taking a lot of interest in even bigger screens and using the stylus to do their tasks. This time, the frame was plastic, but the look was metallic in nature.


Top Samsung galaxy phones 2017


Galaxy S8 wins the tag of top Samsung galaxy phones in 2017. It was one of the most successful phones ever made by the company which stunned the users. The most amazing part of this phone was the curved display which even floated to the sides of the phone. At that time, it seemed that Samsung has put the best of their design abilities in one single phone. Another notable feature was that the top and bottom of the phone was too thin- which was very much different to other phones which keeps a good space for buttons at the bottom and camera at the top. Apart from the design, the configuration also played its role in giving this tag to S8. It had 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage which was enough for people sorted with their mobile storage needs. The rear camera was 12MP and the front was 8MP. The battery was 3000mAh or more. It also had the fingerprint scanner like its predecessor. The OS came with it was Android 7.0 Nougat.

Generally, people used to complain about the speed of the processor and the OS. They also used to find the user interface less attractive. Because of this phone, the point of view of users changed. They could not experience the clean and fluid experience of the phone. The speed was very smooth. This is because the company removed the unnecessary apps from the phone, made it look nicer and put only what could be needed by the users.

This phone won the love of users because of its amazing display. This phone had dual pixel sensors which helped the model to grasp more amount of light and gave it the ability to capture things precisely. Another impressive performance was that of the camera- it could focus quickly, that too amazing clarity.


Top Samsung smartphone


In earlier times, most phone manufacturers used to use plastic and rubbers for making the phones. Those materials made the phones look cheaper in quality, even though they were more like industry standards for making the phone hardware. The users of the phones were on a hunt to look for good quality materials which would provide a rich look to their phones. It is in the year 2014 when Samsung started paying attention to the material used in the phones- at least for their high-end phone models. They started it all with Samsung Galaxy 4, in which they used the back with faux leather. The frame of the phone was made of aluminium. This helped the company in getting the attention of high-end phone seekers.

The phone also had a good configuration, out of which notable was 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Even the camera has 16MP rear and 2.7MP front camera. Not only this, they came up with a fingerprint scanner and a super AMOLED display.

Not long after the release of Galaxy Note 4, Samsung came up with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Instead of faux leather, they had glass backs and the frame was metallic. The Galaxy Note Edge also started the trend of curved displays. So, the top Samsung smartphones: Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge were the main leaders which others phone this company still follow.


 How to Unlock Samsung Phone 


People started buying Galaxy phone because it was available in good deals with some of the carriers. After finishing the contract with those carriers, they were looking for unlock codes to get free from the carrier contracts. To unlock Samsung phone is a matter of getting the unlock code and following a certain set of instructions. The instructions could be detailed as per the model number.


Samsung Network Unlock Code 


The network unlock code is the first step to get the phone free from a specific carrier and enables the user to switch to some other network provider. The code for Samsung phones will be provided by the manufacturer and a request needs to be put to them to get the phone unlocked. The phone user cannot directly do that. We can put that request on user’s behalf. Most Samsung phones have the same way of entering the unlock code and process the instructions further. Galaxy Nexus was one of the phones which were widely used for unlocking since it came with Verizon mostly.


Factory Unlock for Samsung Phone


If you are looking forward to buying or already own one of these phones, then you need to know how to unlock Samsung phone so that you can use these phones with the network carrier of your choice. It helps the users to use the SIM cards of the local country when they travel internationally.It might or might not be possible to avoid the factory reset to unlock the phone, and it depends on the model of the phone. Factory unlock can also wipe the data from your phone, so, it is suggested to get it done through a professional service provider.


  Factory Unlock for Samsung Phone


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