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Ashok Kumawat

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Top Uses of Marble in Classic Architecture


Marble is mostly used for home design due to its durability. Marble is used for its beauty using marble we can décor our home. Marble has some chemical properties so that’s why it is mainly used in Architecture, Design and Sculpture. Marble is versatile, durable, and decorative. Marble isn't just for floors and can make the everyday extraordinary. You can select the marble, granite, Italian stone of your choice from Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. by visiting usually contains minerals, such as clay minerals, micas, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite. There are various types of colours available in the marble White Marble, Gray Marble, Gold, Beige, Brown Marble, Yellow Marble, Blue Marble, Green Marble, Pink, Red, and Burgundy Marble.

Marble is slightly stronger than marble also it has sugary texture. Marble is used in many constructions to decor home, office etc. Marble is also used in home décor because it is versatile stone. From kitchens to basements, marble can be used in literally every room of the house. Here we are going to discuss some unique and trendy way to use marble in your home décor.

• Marble flooring

• Marble furniture

• Fireplace Backsplash

• Countertops

• Marble walls

• Pillars

Marble in its purest form is made of mostly calcite. Marble is one of those classic materials that has been used for a long time. You can also uniquely decor your kitchen with marble walls and flooring. It was mainly cut into blocks and used for sculptures, wall facades, and flooring.