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Trends in Veterinary Medicine


The trending topics with informed opinion, which will have a big impact on pet lifestyle and health care.

Feline care

Over the past decade, the state of feline affairs has become an increasingly evident source of consternation. Despite being the top pet, population-wise, cats do not enjoy the benefits dogs do. Vet visits are less, compliance is low and the outdoor trap-neuter-return policy is ignored.


Indoor pets are getting fatter, due to growing urbanization and lack of exercise. Direct veterinary consultation and restricted-calorie foods are the only solutions.

Niche pets

Birds, fish, reptiles and pocket pets are rising in popularity, leading to increased demand for more niche vets and vet medicine

Financial products

Veterinary care, drug usage and supplies are constantly increasing, along with an increasingly devoted customer base. This leads to more services at higher standards of care, albeit at a higher price. Pet health insurance industry and its expanded product lines and services are becoming popular.

Specialty services

The use of specialists, including microbiologists, histopathologists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, surgeons, internists, radiologists, cardiologists and even nutritionists for custom diet formulation, and their specialty services is on the rise.

Drug delivery

A perennial problem, giving drugs and supplements to pets is being solved in novel ways. Mixed-up medications, yummier drugs, and longer-acting antibiotics are among the options.

High-tech services

Adoption of digital technology, like digital X-rays, underwater treadmills, lasers and hyperbaric chambers are making headway.

Handheld technology

Because of the rise of smartphone and mobile application technology, use of mobile apps and custom phones to perform EKGs and instant reviews has taken up.

Natural nutrition

“Natural” is becoming a buzzword in pet food also, with clearer labeling and greater transparency on where the ingredients come from.

Innovative vaccines

Safe, reduced dosage, lesser frequency, lower-volume vaccines are being developed by the biologicals industry.