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Types of Roast Cuts


When you select the right cut of the roast for your most suitable cooking methods, this will ensure that your end product will be a tender and moist roast. For people dealing with the oven roasts, the option is to deal with the cooking with dry heat. This should be done on a roasting pan or a grill. On the other hand, when you talk about the pot roasts, they are best for those who like to keep their roasts moist. However, this type of cooking requires longer time duration slightly so that the meat can acquire the tenderest state with a savory flavor. There are many cuts both from the pot as well as the oven roasts that you can choose from to cook. Rounds, chuck ribs, sirloins and rib roasts are among the most common types.

Chuck Roasts

This one is the most commonly found cut in the roll and roaster menu. In reality, chuck roasts can be considered prices averagely pot roasts. There are so many varieties that are sold such as boned, tied, rolled, bone-in. This type of cut is popularly a part of the home cooking. They are different from the round roasts in the aspect that they have more fat. This results in a richer and deeper flavor. The other name given to the bone-in chucks is arm pot roasts. Boneless ones are usually sold as arm roasts.

Round Roasts

This is also a popular cut in the roll and roaster menu . These roasts can be considered as inexpensive, boneless roast cuts from animal’s hindquarters. The chuck roasts typically are less tough than round roasts since these cuts are made from areas of muscles that are heavily exercised. However, in many cases, the round roasts can replace the chuck roast. However, this type may take longer to cook and even with the longer cooking time; they may fail to deliver a flavor as good as the one that comes from the chuck roast. This is because of the difference of the fat between these two types of roasts. Both of the dry and moist heating methods can be employed with the cooking of the round roasts. However, pot method is hands down the best one for cooking round roasts. There are several types in which people like to devour round roast which includes cuts such as bottom round, top round, eye round, bottom rump round and round-trip roasts.