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Taimoor Khan

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Used Tyres versus Premium Tyres: What You Need to Know


While buying new tyres, many factors come into consideration. Apart from choosing the tyres keeping in mind your driving needs, you also get stuck with whether you should go for used tyres or the brand new premium quality. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Do you want to buy new car tyres? You must be wondering which tyres are the best for your car! And, you might even be ambiguous about whether you should get along with the used tyres or the premium ones. Since being the only part of your vehicle in direct contact with the road, tyres happen to have a huge significance. But have you ever thought why tyres are so expensive, especially the premium ones? Here’re a few reasons for that;

Tyres are Technological Miracles

Have you ever seen the inside of a Car tyre? There are multiple layers of various materials, and all of these are scientifically advanced in order to achieve certain attributes. Each layer consists of multiple layers, and all of these are squished down to be as thin as possible.

Advanced vehicles need more Advanced Tyres

Do you drive luxury vehicles? You must have noticed the tyres are more expensive as compared to the economic ones. For sure, the driving power of these cars is more advanced. While buying a car, you always weigh priorities such as safety, amenities, driving and status. Premium Tyres can support all of that. Keep in mind! All tyre manufacturers aren't the same.

Not all Manufacturers Abide by the International Standards

Only certain tyre manufacturers work with the automakers to make sure their tyres are of the highest quality. They invest billions of dollars into research & development to ensure their tyres' safety, comfort and environmental sustainability.

You must still be wondering about why you must go for the premium tyres and avoid choosing used tyres. Here’re a few compelling reasons for that. So let’s dive in;

Better Grip and handling

You must be having other budget alternatives, but premiums tyres are simply the best and - for sure - the safer option. Premium tyres have deeper functioning treads that are perfect for long rides. As compared to the budget tyres, these produce less loud while providing a smooth ride. When a car travels too fast on a wet road, the low-quality tyres aren't able to maintain grip. Due to which, the hydroplaning may occur. The premium tyre has been proven to have shorter stopping distance in such conditions.

Fuel Efficiency

Rolling Resistance is another prominent factor that sets premium tyres apart from the low-quality budget tyres. As per the rules of physics, stationary objects need the energy to move. The more resistance your tyre has to move, the more fuel it's going to burn. Rolling resistance is the friction your Brand tyre produce while moving along the road surface. In short, the Premium helps in increasing the fuel efficiency due to aerodynamic design, low rolling resistance and weight.


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