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Useful Tips From Experts In Hire Android Developer


Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives and tasks ranging from messaging our friends to performing banking operations are undertaken on our mobile devices. This has led to an increase in businesses seeking to get an app developed for themselves. Since android runs on a variety of devices, it is the platform of primary choice for getting an app made.

However, since most businesses have never developed an app before, it is easy to fall for some common mistakes businesses make time and again when they hire an android developer. But just a few tips can go a long way helping them avoid these traps. Therefore, as experts, we bring you 5 useful tips to hire android developers.

1. It's Not about Getting the Best Deal

An anonymous on the internet has correctly quoted “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” Plenty of fresh, inexperienced android app programmers would be willing to take your project at rock-bottom prices. But whether they can deliver to your expectations is anyone's guess. The things a business should be looking for are professionalism, portfolio, team and more. We'll cover these points in the tip below.

2. Ask for Developer's Portfolio

A developer with a portfolio is a developer with experience. Also, past projects are a good measure of a developer's strengths. Things you should look for in past projects are the variety of fields worked in, downloads count and stars received, and the USP of that app.

3. Prefer an Android App Development Company

Hiring freelancer is a cost-effective way, but the results may leave a lot to be expected. Instead, go for a reputed development company with a team of experienced android developers. By hiring a company you can always be sure that the company will have someone to look after your project.

4. Always Sign an Agreement

Be sure that your paperwork is strong. It is important to agree upon with whom the rights of the code will lay before starting the work on the app. Businesses may also prefer signing an NDA if they are concerned about protecting their business interests.

5. Ask for Post-Development Support

It is impossible to develop a bug-free app. With newer versions of android being released every year and a wide range of devices that run their own implementation of android, it is impossible to predict when things might go wrong. Businesses can ask android developers for post-development support fees and their terms. Such an agreement will keep the app in good health.

This rounds up our 5 useful tips for hiring android developers. We hope you found this guide helpful and will help you in getting your first android app to your liking.