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Karen Anthony

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Vape Devices: A new way of Smoking tobacco


We all have heard of the sentence – "Smoking is injurious to health." Yes, it is injurious. This is the reason why many companies are trying to cover this up by bringing in the products that can replace the traditional cigarette. No one wants to die out of just smoking, it has nicotine, which is the addictive substance that builds up the craving of smoking and you keep on inhaling those chemicals.

When you decide that you have to move up to good and healthier habits, the first thing that comes to your mind is to stop smoking. Surely, that's not easy. Many people try hard to give up they do not smoke for days or weeks or months, but somehow, they kick off again one day because the craving is irresistible. Those who give up in one shot and get through this easily are the real winners. But those who are not able to - what about them? Are they losers of life? There have to be solutions for them to move towards little healthier habits.

Yes, solutions are coming up in the market which let the smokers do smoking and at the same time reduce the effects of smoking. This is done by the introduction of e-cigarette and Vape devices hitting up the market.

E-cigarettes were introduced in the market in the late 1960s, since then it hasn't been too much growth. But the advancement of technology has brought up new devices with modified ideas which are now known as Vape devices or Vape pens.

The major difference seen between E-cigarette and Vape devices is the input mechanism. In e-cigarette, the cartridge is used inside that contains Nicotine in liquid form. This liquid Nicotine is heated up by the heating device to a vapor which can be smoked up by the smokers. This is a little better than the traditional cigarette because it is not the direct combustion of tobacco, which releases hundreds of harmful chemicals at a time.

Next to e-cigarette are vape devices. Unlike e-cigarette which contains a cartridge, vape devices or vape pens use the tank to hold the nicotine liquid.

Nicotine inside Vape device:

Now, let us have a look at what this cartridge or tanks exactly contain? These devices have been using Nicotine in its liquid form since the inception of e-cigarette. But, when you have a close look at the recent developments, these devices are filled up with a chemical called Nicotine Salts . When benzoic acid is added to freebase Nicotine, Nicotine salt is produced.

Upon knowing about the above information that now it is nicotine salt, the next query that would come in your mind as a reader will be – Why Nicotine salt, not freebase nicotine?

After many types of research and tests by different labs and companies, it is discovered that Nicotine salt is softer on the throat than freebase Nicotine. This is the reason why Vape devices are now using Nicotine Salt. Inside a vaping device, the percentage of Nicotine salt purely depends upon the manufacturer's choice of variants. It usually varies from 0% to 5%, including all manufacturers vape products.

Features of Vape devices:

Many companies are coming up with attractive vape devices.For example, one is the MYLEvape company that has amazing MYLE Vapor pen designs and features. Let us learn a little more about the features that the vape devices contain:

Elegant design: There are only a few manufacturers of vape devices, but all these manufacturers have kept a special focus on the design which must be attractive to the smoker, look stylish, as smoking is sometimes referred as style symbol in some areas. It must look decent, elegant and stylish to use.

Anti-leak: Manufacturing of these devices ensures that there are no leaks from any corner of the device so that user can have a better and smoother experience. Also, if the leak is there, the liquid would reduce and ultimately the pod will get finished faster, which can irritate a customer.

Multiple Flavors: Vape devices are now coming in multiple flavors such as tropical mango, strawberry, Mint and many more. Companies are trying their best to give in every shot that can enhance and enrich the experience of vape users so that they keep enjoying it and do not turn back again to traditional smoking.

Varying Nicotine content: This is one feature covered by vape companies that will save their collar for long. Vape devices have pods which can have a different level of a nicotine salt, as per the need of the customer. It varies from 0% to 5%. From zero nicotine vape to high nicotine vape, all are available in the market. If you ask a vape smoker, the only true answer you will get is that zero or low nicotine content taste much better than high nicotine content vape.

High battery life: As many customers in the initial stage of vape industry have complained that battery isn't too good and they had to charge multiple times. There used to be no battery when they go outside and have a craving to smoke. But, latest vape devices are coming with high-quality batteries of up to 240 mAh to 300 mAh to ensure long battery life.

Vape devices come with pods, where you need to replace the pod, charge the battery of the device and you are ready to get along. One advantage of these devices is that they are good to be used by beginners as well as advanced level smokers. Even if a person who has been smoking the traditional cigarette starts using vape device, it is just a matter of a few days that you won't find the traditional cigarette in his pockets.

Vape industry that has started as a few dollar industries is now getting transformed into a billion-dollar industry, and it is yet to see a big future. With the acceptance of youth in UK and US for these vape devices, it is just a matter of time to see vape industry growing bigger worldwide.