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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | others

Vaping Vs Other Methods


If you are new to the weed world, you might feel overwhelmed by the options you have to buy or consume. There are many legal states which allow people to use medicinal weed as a treatment for several disorders or for recreational use in a controlled amount and there are many online stores from where you can buy weed online.


Apart from its availability, you may have discovered that there are several ways in which you can consume it but got confused about which way you should consume it and which one is safer? Well, selecting the option depends on your preferences and the reasons for which you want to consume it.


Vaping Vs Other Methods


The very old-fashioned way to consume cannabis was inhalation but now it has changed to modern methods. Here we discuss a few ways and each has both positive and negative impacts.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers, typically called joints or blunts, are the most common way to smoke weed. You have complete control over making the final product according to your taste, whether you mix little strains, add more flavor and how much herb is rolled inside the paper, it depends on your choice. Using this alternative has many benefits. Some of them are:


  • The paper is inexpensive
  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • Easily available everywhere


Although they are easily available and less expensive, they might not be everyone’s choice because rolling the paper or making a joint requires practice, if you are not experienced, you may create a lot of mess or waste the herb by sprinkling weed onto the paper and if you don't learn the technique, you might not try this method and go for other methods. 


Pipes are one of the most exciting and modern ways of consuming weed. They are stone-like structures that come in different sizes, shapes, and designs that add spark and accessory look into your collection. It is an easier method than that of rolling joints, in which you don't need expert skills to get the desired setup. It has benefits that include:


  • No expert skills are required
  • No holding of substance in hand so there will be s]less smell in hands
  • Creates no mess

Although pipes are easier to get the setup, they require complete cleanup and maintenance after every use or they will be coated with leftovers of weed strains and inhalation of those old munches in every use. 


Vaporizers are highly exposed to popularity over the last few years. Although they seem like new instruments, skilled smokers have been using them for many decades. The major benefit of using this method is that it does not combust the cannabis or produce smoke. Rather it heats the substance to a certain extent that it converts into vapors and is effective for those who have asthma allergies and cannot tolerate smoking. Other benefits include:


  • No inhalation of smoke that hurts the delicate tissues in the lungs
  • No combustion
  • Easily accessible to everywhere


Despite its benefits, this method is not harmless at all. The vaporizers are made with heavy metal and start weakening and breaking down over time and get into the aerosol. These metal particles are harmful to inhale. Apart from the metal weakening, there are carcinogenic compounds present in the vaporization process which are cancer-causing substances.

Final words

Being new to the cannabis world, you will discover much more about other methods. All have their benefits and effects on one’s health and state. Picking of those methods depends on your choice and experimenting with every method will find you the one that is perfect for your needs.