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William Hook

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Versatile Tools To Recover Lost Text Messages In An Easy Manner


We often end up accidentally deleting text messages from our smartphone especially while trying to multi-task. Although it might initially seem like the beginning of doomsday, you can actually retrieve back your deleted messages coupled with the right software. However, you need to ensure that the portion of your phone memory where deleted messages are stored has not been overwritten by any file download or application update. 

● MobiKin

You need to install the program on your PC and connect your device. Next, you shall be prompted to allow MobiKin to access your smartphone. You can see a preview of your text messages on the main screen of MobiKin within a few seconds. Data gets recovered and backed up onto your PC almost instantaneously. This happens by adhering to the steps as mentioned below:

o Your smartphone gets detected automatically on being plugged in and you shall be informed about the initiation of this process. MobiKin can be used both as a Super Toolkit and for Android SD Card recovery.

o On being connected, data pertaining to your smartphone such as its system version, model number etc. will be displayed. You will also be presented with the option of choosing the type of data you wish to retrieve such as photos, contacts, call logs, messages, videos, photos, documents and audio. In this step, you will have to select the ‘Messages’ option and click on ‘Next.

o If you have tonnes of messages, then you can select to display only the deleted ones for making the filtration procedure easier. You can either proceed with individual selection or all of them by clicking the checkbox in the top bar. Next, you need to select the ‘Recover’ button for retrieving the deleted or lost data.

o On recovering your data, you will be prompted for saving it directly into your PC. Alternatively, you can also create a specific folder wherein you wish to save your messages.

● FonePaw Android Data Recovery

As the name suggests, this recovery program can be used to find old and deleted text messages from the memory of your Android smartphone. After installing this easy-to-use program, you will just have to hook up your smartphone and follow the on-screen instruction for the restoration of deleted texts. You can follow the steps mentioned below for recovering text messages with the FonePaw software:

o After launching the recovery program on your computer, you will have to connect your smartphone with the same through a USB cable.

o Your phone will get detected automatically by the program. It will also prompt you to turn on USB debugging for establishing seamless communication between your Android phone and the computer. After enabling the USB debugging mode on your smartphone you need to click on the “OK” button.

o Once a connection has been established in between your phone and the computer, you can choose the data type you wish to recover. You can take your pick between contacts, videos, WhatsApp messages, photos, text messages etc. and click on Next.

o Before scanning out deleted data, FonePaw Android Data recovery requires the privilege of accessing deleted SMS data. A pop-up window shall ask for your permission wherein you will have to tap on the “Allow/Grant/Authorize” option. However, if you are not presented with such a prompt, then you will have to click on the “Retry” button.

o Both existing and deleted text messages will be displayed by your phone once the scanning process is completed. Black font is used for demarcating existing messages whereas red font stands for the deleted ones. You need to click on "Only display the deleted items" if you wish to look only at the deleted SMS.

o You need to click the text messages you wish to restore and follow it up by pressing the “recover” button whereby the messages will be recovered by the program to the PC.

o All the deleted messages are saved by FonePaw Android Data Recovery in HTML and CSV formats. While the small-sized CSV files can be opened in a text editor like Notepad or Microsoft Excel, the HTML version is presented in a much more organized manner making it an obviously better choice.

● PhoneRescue

Even after deleting messages from your iPhone, it actually stays on the device unless it is overwritten. It is possible to retrieve your text messages from the iOS smartphone by following any one of the two methods detailed below.

o Firstly, you need to launch the PhoneRescue > application and connect your iOS phone with the computer using a USB cable. Next you will have to click on ‘Recover from iOS Device’ from the menu after which you will notice all the selected categories. All the other options need to be unchecked since you only wish to recover Messages. Finally, you can enjoy a preview of all the text messages present in your device from where you need to find the ones you wish to extract and export it back to your computer as a TXT file.

o Under the second method, you need to click on ‘Recover from iTunes’ backup or ‘Recover from iCloud’. Next you need to choose the backup from where you wish to recover the deleted messages and uncheck all other options apart from ‘Messages.’ You can export the messages you wish to retrieve from the backup either to your computer or iPhone.

Text messages serve as one of the most important things which is stored in a smartphone. Given the fact that these messages contain such vital information, losing the same can serve as an extremely difficult reality. Apart from plain texts, modern-day messages also consist of important photos, videos and a plethora of data types. However, you can stay abreast of such dangers by recovering all your important messages coupled with the tools mentioned above.