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Manoar Molla

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Vr Goggles For Drone to consider in 2019


Have a Drone and looking for Vr Goggles For Drone? In this article, we will discuss some of the best Vr Goggles For Drone and will see the essential features of each headset. But, first, let's consider the concept of Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

In simplest terms, virtual reality is nothing but fooling the mind to believe which is not happening or present in the real world.

Many people believe that watching Vr content in the Vr headsets is Virtual reality. Well, this is not true. Virtual Reality is an experience which one gets due to the addition of a display or in the technical term, a speaker in the real world or real environment.

This speaker is specially engineered to provide an immersive Vr experience to the viewer. The Vr experience must be comfortable and adequate, that is, it should be convenient to the user.

A simple real-life example of Virtual Reality

In a movie theatre, the display screen (projection screen) is at a reasonable distance from us. But, due to the particular arrangement of speakers and other critical factors taken into consideration, we believe that the screen is closer to us. But, it is far away from us in the reality.

Here is our list of best Vr Goggles For Drone.


EACHINE VR-007 Pro is designed for providing the maximum comfort to the person who is wearing it. Unlike other Vr Goggles, this Vr headset has a three-point headband which spreads the entire pressure around the head instead of putting it at one point. It consists of some special spongy material and makes it comfortable to wear.


1. It has a 480×272 resolution screen.

2. The screen size is 4.3 inches.

3. It has a gigantic 1600mAH 3.7V (1S) chargeable USB battery.

4. The retail price of this Vr headset is $63.99.

Zeiss VR One

Zeiss VR One has been made by a German company Carl Zeiss AG, popularly known as 'Zeiss.' Zeiss had been making lenses for 169 years and is know specialized in it. It has a very solid built and has a look and feel like the Samsung VR Gear.

It has a very comfortable foam padding and durable, adjustable bands. It lacks built-in navigation controls. It can be easily connected with the smartphone to play VR games, stream VR videos or 3d immersive VR content.


1. It can easily support different HD screen resolutions.

2. Smartphones having a screen size of 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches can be easily used with it.

3. People who wear eyeglasses can directly use this headset over them.

4. It consists of 1 LIPO battery.

5. It comes with a retail price of $31.29.

Utopia 360

If you are looking for a cheap but good Vr headset for the drone, then buying the Utopia 360 can be your good move. It is compatible with most of the smartphones out there and can easily stream High-Definition (HD) content.

It doesn't need any battery to work but will empty your phone's battery at a high rate. It is very lightweight. It is highly portable to carry and also it doesn't let the user feel a weight on his head.


1. It has a high compatible rate with most of the brands out there. It can be used with most of the screen sizes available in the market.

2. It doesn't need a battery for its operation.

3. It has a 3-way adjustable head strap.

4. It has Anti-glare Lucidview Lens System.

5. It is highly portable.

6. It comes at a retail price of $17.99.

FatShark Attitude V4

FatShark Attitude V4 has a much larger screen with better quality and better screen resolution. It has an amazing 32 degrees of field view. This headset is ultra-light and is more comfortable on the head than other ones in this list. Due to this feature, it is easier to use it for a more extended period of time. One has to buy a charger for the LiPo battery. It doesn't come with one which might be a downside of this headset.


1. It provides a 32 degrees view of the field.

2. It has a good 11000mah LiPo battery.

3. It has a 4:3 VGA display.

4. It also comes with a digital recorder for recording crisp and clear recordings.

5. It comes with a $399.00 in the market.

Walkera Goggle 4

If you own Walkera Runner 250, F210, Rodeo 150, and Furious 320 drones, then the Walkera 5.8G Goggle 4 can be the best choice for you. This drone only works with the drones mentioned above.


1. It supports 5 inches of screen size.

2. It supports HD (high-definition display).

3. It does not require any mobile device and streams footage from the drone itself.

4. It has 5.8 G Double Antennas.

5. It has been designed for maximum comfort and to reduce fatigue.

6. It comes with a retail price of $162.99 in the market.


In this article, we have seen the list of best Vr Goggles For Drone. We have also learned about Virtual Reality.