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Ayub Ali

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Ways in Which Technology has Developed Over the Years!


Mobile Phones -

Our mobile phones have become smart now and with them, we can do almost any task from buying clothes to calling a beautician at home. Also, it has been researched that 90% of people keep their phones with them all the time. This implies that we are kind of firmly attached to our smartphones. From the 1990s continuous developments are being done to the looks and technology of the phones. Nowadays, smartphones have become cheaper and there is a number of mobile users than ever. In the year 2003, there were less than 1% mobile phones which could be considered smart, but now there are more mobile phones than the number of people on earth.

Social Networking -

Can you believe that Facebook is not even ten years old? It feels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Whatsapp have been with us forever. As per the latest statistics, there are more than 3 billion people around the world who are using Facebook on mobile. With social media, we have learned the new way of communicating with our loved ones. Even the businessmen make use of social media to increase their reach and to let more and more people avail their services.

WiFi and IoT -

No doubt that the internet has opened doors of massive information and incredible connectivity to us, but it has also made our lives easier. This is possible because we have the internet and any device can be connected with it. Even the WiFi hotspots are available at various places, which makes access more comfortable, easier and cheaper.

If we pay attention to the Internet of Things, then thousands of devices are available nowadays, which work on IoT mechanism. Such devices allow us to do everything with the help of the internet and could also tell us what type of food we should eat when to sleep or can even specify the ingredients of a dish. Our phones are also IoT enabled and thus, we can check out the temperature, prepare our day and allow us to open and close the smart gates of our house from anywhere around the world.

There are many more devices and technologies that have been discovered and created in the last few years. About them, we’ll talk some other time…

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