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Ways to Motion Track in After Effects


As you get increasingly familiar with After Effects, and take your range of abilities further and further, you'll definitely keep running into the need to embed a realistic or impact into 2D film. This is the place knowing how, and why, to utilize movement following will make things less demanding on you.

To begin how about we investigate what movement following is, the thing that alternatives you need to follow movement, and what kinds of movement would you be able to follow in After Effects. Whose prepared to find a way to getting to be movement following expert?

Movement Tracking - Bring It.gif

Whose Ready to Learn Motion Tracking?

What is movement following?

Movement following, in its most straightforward frame, is the way toward following the development of an item inside a bit of film. When you've gathered this track information from the chose point, you at that point apply it to another component or article. The consequences of applying this information are that your component or item currently coordinates the development of your recording. Basically you can composite something into a scene that was never there. For an increasingly point by point depiction of movement following progressively compact specialized verbiage make a beeline for Adobe Help where they have the majority of that information for you.

Video by means of Kriscoart

What would you be able to utilize movement following for?

Since we have the essential idea of what it is, we currently need to make the extremely vital inquiry. What the hell am I going to utilize this for? For that how about we investigate some incredible ways you can use movement following. For example you can...

Balance out movement by using following information.

Include components, for example, content or solids to a creation.

Embed 3D objects into 2D film.

Apply impacts or shading evaluating procedures.

Supplant screens on a TV, Computer, or cell phone.

These are only a couple of things movement following will assist you with. From easy to complex organizations, following movement is a procedure you should know. Before we get into the sorts of following we should investigate this video from Mikromedia so you can see a case of a mind boggling track.

Video by means of Mikromedia SA

What kinds of movement following is there in After Effects?

1. Single-point Tracking

Experts: Works well for straightforward following

Cons: Needs a reasonable difference point to be powerful, no pivot or scale properties

Exp. Level: Beginner

Use: Tracking or Compositing Footage with a Single Point of Focus

This following method does precisely as its name proposes, by following one single point inside a sythesis to catch the movement information required. To separate this for you how about we watch an extraordinary video instructional exercise from MStudio. In this video we'll figure out how to utilize the Track Motion choice inside the Tracker board. If it's not too much trouble recall that while utilizing a solitary point tracker can work for a few shots, you'll more than likely need to utilize the following method for customer work.

The Basics of Motion Tracking

2. Two-point Tracking

Professionals: Tracks revolution and scale, in contrast to single point.

Cons: Doesn't fill in too with temperamental film.

Exp. Level: Beginner

Utilization: Add basic components to film with little camera shake.

Similarly as single-point following's name proposed how that system functioned, two-point following is the same. With this system you can follow movement, scale, and pivot in the tracker board. When you do this you'll see that you currently have two track focuses to work with. How about we investigate this incredible instructional exercise using two-point following from Robert's Productions.

We should Learn How to Use Two Points!

3. Corner Pin Tracking

Geniuses: Utilizes corner pins to set a crate for following exactness.

Cons: It's Kinda Specific, All Points Must Be On-Screen

Exp. Level: Intermediate

Use: Screen Replacement or Sign substitution

Next up is the corner stick track. This is an extraordinary device to utilize when you have to follow any four point surface. It truly proves to be useful while doing screen substitutions in a piece. Fortunately for us Isaix Interactive has a strong and simple to pursue instructional exercise on the best way to do only that while utilizing the "Point of view Corner Pin" choice in the tracker board.