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Ruben Wilson

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Ways to Quit Smoking in Office?


There is a bad habit in everyone, and in these bad habits, taking drugs is the worst. Are you also involved in taking drugs? Then you are definitely on wrong track. Smoking is one of the drugs that arereally harmful to your health. Every year more than 400,000 people die in the United State due to tobacco-related disease. Did you know that even if you do not smoke you can still be affected? Alternatively, if you smoke and your mates hang out with you or smoking in the office, you can be harming your friends’ health too. People who smoke often try to quit before they succeed. Some simple strategies and getting extra support when you need it can help you to stop smoking completely especially in the office.

As we all know that office is a professional platform where you will find a diverse community people, who are working as a co-worker for the sake of the company’s benefit. Everyone tries to show a good impression towards their colleague, but the impression of smoking can be worst. You can check the following ways to quit smoking in office to show great impression towards others.


If you are willing to quit smoking, then your first step should be to pick up the date. It is an important step because it gives you a goal. Many of the people set a goal for anything they want to start or end and we must say that it is a great way to start any work. As we all know that, to execute any plan, we need to plan a strategy, that’s why you should first make a plan or select a time to quit smoking. It is one of the easiest ways to implement your plan.


Ways to Quit Smoking in Office?

In the office, you will find many of the employees who hate smoking and don’t want others as well to smoke. So, why don’t you spend your spare time with them? Just take out some time to talk with them and try to forget about smoking. Talking some personal experience with colleagues and discussing on some interesting point will definitely keep your mind away from the harmful drug.



The best way to quit smoking is to concentrate on the work. If you will focus on your office work and keep yourself busy in that then we can say that it would be an easy task for you to quit smoking easily. As it distracts the people while doing the work, that’s why listening to a song and having fun with it would be a perfect choice. Sometimes, the pressure of work forces you to have a cigarette so that you will feel stress-free. However, it is not a good solution at all. By relieving stress with the help of cigarette is inviting other major illness to occur.



If your routine is to have a cigarette after breakfast, lunch and high tea, then you have to alternate with a cup of tea or coffee. Bring a pack of bubble gum so that you can start chewing when you feel you need the puff of a cigarette. You can also sit with your boss to discuss the progress of your work so that you can divert your mind.


quit smoking

Yes, it is one of the difficult tasks for each cigarette lover to ignore the craving of having a cigarette. The first few craving will be tough, you will definitely feel some sickness like your chest will feel tight, you will be restless, and your brain will force you to have a cigarette for a quick recovery. The best thing is that cravings are time limited. So, try to ignore your craving for the time by keeping yourself busy.


By keeping health risk aside, you all know that smoking is bad for you and it literally offers zero benefits. Yet why it is so difficult to give up? You just have to show some positivity to quit the habit of smoking so that you can slowly stop having it. The smoking is harmful for blood circulation, brain, heart, lungs, stomach, mouth and throats, and skin. So, why you want to make yourself ill? Just take care of your health and your staff who get irritated with the smell of smoke.

The above-shown tips are helpful for you all who are trying to quit this bad habit. Just think that you are wearing Michael Jackson costume in office’s event and holding a piece of cigarette in your hands. How would you feel? It definitely will not give you a good impression among all because Michael Jackson is one of the pop heroes, who do not use a cigarette. The writers of have started working on it and make you all aware of the problems that many of the people face in their life.