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Dr. Supreena Narayanan

Content writer | Posted on | science-technology

What are the 8 Best Calibration Companies in India?


We live in a world of tools made of machines, gadgets, and more. Each of them has been specifically designed to accomplish a specific task that ranges from the simplest to the most complex. The accuracy of a measurement is crucial for any instrument, regardless of whether it is employed in defense or aerospace or life sciences, or any other. Due to the rapid growth of manufacturing for end users, companies require the help of labs that offer calibration services in India that can analyze instruments in-depth and then certify the equipment. However, how can one ensure the reliability of the labs? To help you choose the most reliable labs in India, they have provided 8 Best Calibration Company Rankings in India rankings and tips to make a company selection.

1) Reltec Calibration

Reltec Calibration is a foremost Calibration Services provider intended for Multi-meter Equipment, in addition to Flow Meter, weighing Scale, Water Meter, Crimp instrument, Pressure Gauge, as well as Water Flow Meter by means of Annual Testing & Calibration (AMC). Reltec Calibration in progress to provide to calibration services in the region of Mechanical, Electro-Technical & Thermal Measurement offers the mainly precise measurements accessible in calibration Services inside Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Gulbarga and PAN India with their accomplished technical staff.

They provide calibration services intended for Electro-Technical, Thermal, and Mechanical along with Dimensional Metrology. This company is NABL ISO Certified & Approved by CEIG of Karnataka. Reltec Calibration Laboratory is well prepared with the most refined high precision master equipment's by way of National/International Standards in Bangalore In-house & they also supply Onsite Calibration Services. The Calibration Laboratory calibrates measuring Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Testing Machines as well as Process Control Instruments & Electro-Technical Instruments.

2.) Prism Calibration centre

If you require the most precise test results, measurement tools and calibrating services provided by Prism Calibration centre is the top option. The company was established in 2004, "Prism Calibration Center" has built a reputable reputation in the field by providing services that cover Calibration, Validation, Environment Audit, Instant Supply and Work Optimization. In addition, they provide prompt, traceable, and affordable services that are completed with clear and concise calibration certificates.

From precise onsite testing to fully certify weighing scale calibration Services in Ahmedabad, They provide advice on all aspects of Calibration for instruments to meet the requirements of your business for Calibration. Calibration regularly is essential to ensure that the instruments are in control of your vital activities. It doesn't matter if it's the pharmaceutical industry or another manufacturing plant; following the guidelines and rules set by Schedule "M", C-GMP, and WHO is suggested. They continuously strive to meet the highest quality standards in the industry to offer our clients affordable and sustainable solutions for their projects, including trading measurement instruments, work optimization tools, and an infrared gun.

3.) Marathon heaters

Marathon heaters are the leading heater manufacturing company located within Rajasthan, India. The company has been in the industry of manufacturing since 2007. It is a subordinate of Tempsens Instruments, part of the Pyrotech group. It is the biggest Thermal and Cable Products supplier, with manufacturing facilities located within India, Germany, and Indonesia. It manufactures top-quality applications for heating and sensing for industrial and domestic uses. Marathon heaters come with a vast selection of heaters and components, such as process heaters, component heaters, and furnace heaters, heating and sensing controls that meet all industry needs for thermal.

In addition, it also fulfils the requirements of the defense industry by offering duct heaters pipes, pipe heaters, circulation heaters, and more. Furthermore, they offer thermal engineering equipment to clients across the world. Marathon Heaters have a tie-up with the world's top heating and thermal engineering companies. They consistently provide excellent service for their customers. This factor quickly increases its customer base across the globe.

4.)Jai Balaji Laboratory & Services

The Jai Balaji Laboratory & Services team is dedicated to providing the best quality of services.

(Calibration /sales) which can be achieved for our customers through our unending efforts to improve our service quality or our quality continuously.

They are happy to present ourselves as an actual calibration Junction to calibrate mechanical devices, electronic and electrical instruments, both electronic and electrical. Their goal is to offer more efficient services to their customers. The most crucial aspect that contributes to economic success is the quality of the product

The quality of the product is the primary selection factor and is essential to reach a high standard of quality.

Reliable and efficient instrumentation and services are the most important thing. They have a professional team. Managed group of organizations catering to the demands in industrial power measurements.


ANALYSIS is a professionally managed company that offers scientific solutions, Laboratory Instruments, Consumables, Services and Solutions to its valued customers in India. They employ a 360(r) method to provide complete solutions for our customers' scientific and laboratory needs.

ANALYSIS is a renowned manufacturer of suppliers, importers, and exporters of well-known brands of premium Laboratory Instruments, Water Analysis Products, Glasswares and Plastic-wares, and other Laboratory products.

Their products, services and solutions are extensively used by Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Life Sciences, Research, Educational Institutes, Food & Beverages, Diagnostics, Chemical, Energy and Water Treatment Establishments, and other industries for diverse Scientific & Laboratory applications in R&D, QC and Testing Laboratories.

They offer reliable solutions to the customer's laboratory requirements with the most competitive price-to-performance ratio in the market. They strive to meet or exceed customers' expectations by providing superior quality, creative and efficient scientific solutions that drive constant improvement using "Kaizen", the long-standing Japanese concept of constant improvement and growth.

They work with some of the world's most renowned companies, including Thermo Scientific, EUTECH INSTRUMENTS, AQUAREAD, Palintest, and the VELP SCIENTIFIC brand, GEOTECH, BROOKFI, Reagecon, Ohaus, TopScien, Milwaukee, Insmark Instrument and many more. In addition, they provide onsite assistance and training on their services, products and solutions by a dedicated team of experts and local service providers with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of science.

6) World Wide Inspection and Calibration Services

World Wide Inspection and Calibration Services is a UAE company with its headquarters in Lifting & Material Handling Equipment, instruments, and control connected with gas, oil power, water, petrochemicals, and the processing industries. They provide services and equipment for Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Dubai, Ruwais. offers high-end services primarily in three categories: Pressure Gauge Calibration, Temperature Gauge Calibration, and Electrical Measurement Instruments Calibration. Service and supply for instruments, such as Linear Instruments, Thermal Instruments Pneumatic Instruments Electrical Instruments and more.

Worldwide offers the highest expertise, precision, and reliability for special inspection. As a result, their clients can ensure that their products procedures and installations meet local and international rules, voluntary standards, and standards.

7) Ampersand Systems Private Limited

Ampersand Systems Private Limited started operations with its headquarters in India in 2008 and has the intention to provide exceptional services in the fields of process instrumentation, automation calibration, Erection, Commissioning, Pre-Commissioning Maintenance, Manpower, Sales and training services for all industries, including Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Power sector, Food industries and Breweries. Since its beginning, the company has accomplished numerous projects covering various instrumentation and related services. As a result, they have progressively emerged as one of the top Instrumentation/Electrical contractors in south India. Their central office is in Kochi, Kerala, along branch offices in Mangalore.

Their technical team will meet you at any point within India, wherever your place of residence is. They assist clients in having real-time monitoring and control and visualize, integrate, and optimize their company's operations. ThierServices mainly consists of performing lump sum construction projects that are turnkey.

8) Asking engineers Pvt. Ltd

Asking engineers Pvt. Ltd-They'd like to present themselves as the worlds most famous and longest-running calibration laboratories and marketing firm for laboratory equipment, fiberglass and polyester resin.

Their firm has been located in Eastern India since 1985, and they have offered a wide selection and service of industrial equipment and products over the last 30 years.

They have an in-house Calibration Laboratory offering speedy calibration services for your test equipment and instruments at a minimum downtime and a low cost.

6 Tips to Select the Most Accurate Calibration Service Providers in India

To help you choose the most reliable labs in India, they have provided some tips.

  1. Check their credentials.

If you are looking to hire a testing lab to provide service calibration, the primary thing you should look at is their certification. The top labs receive certification from ISO, NABL and the Government of India. These accreditations are an indication of excellence and a standard for calibration laboratories.

  1. Conduct your research

The importance of calibrating services to maintain equipment and compliance with standards can't be overstated. This reason is why it is vital to select the most reliable calibration services available in India. When trying to choose the most reliable service provider, one shouldn't solely rely on either word of mouth or the internet. Performing your research is highly crucial. Do not just trust what you see on the internet. Get out of your comfort area and go to the laboratory of your prospective supplier. Buyers of Calibration should only believe what they can see through their own eyes, not just what they read or heard about the company.

  1. You can avail custom-designed services that meet your needs

For the best results for any industrial, pharmaceutical laboratory, and other types of applications, the equipment should be appropriately calibrated, including measuring multiple points on the scale. For instance, the thermometer is calibrated; taking only one or two points won't help the buyer of Calibration. Instead, multiple points must be measured across the scale. In addition to performing Calibration according to the standards required, good labs will also work with the customer to determine whether additional points are required for the specific application so that the calibrators can get the results they want.

  1. Make sure you choose accuracy over speed

When looking for laboratory calibration services, don't look at the providers solely based on the speed of their turnaround and delivery. Quality and accuracy measures are far more important than speed. They should be the primary consideration. The ability to meet all business demands correctly as well as a high-level measurement takes a significant amount of time and must be given to the lab or agency when they request it. Some devices, such as testing equipment with dimensions, require time to be stabilized at the proper temperature and could take many hours. Remember that onsite Calibration usually offers flexibility to clients; however, they may require longer than off-site calibrations since most firms do not have environmental control in permanent facilities. The main focus should always be on the pursuit of quality and accuracy.

  1. Advanced facilities

Are you in search of calibrators? The proof is in the analysis of how equipped a laboratory is. Conducting calibration testing requires the most advanced testing equipment, software, and modern infrastructure. With technological advances happening every so often, Labs must keep their equipment and technologies current. Make sure you work with labs aware of the most recent trends and are equipped with the latest technology and gadgets.

  1. Experienced employees

A company that provides calibration services in India is as competent as the employees it employs. Before you decide to trust a lab that is performing tests related to your business or product, you should be sure to inquire regarding the expertise of the employees who will handle the actual tasks. There is no substitute for adequately trained personnel with the most current information about the techniques used to test. Because it's the issue of your company's reputation, ensure that you are associated with a reputable lab.