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sandeep singh

CEO Digital U | Posted on |

What are the characteristics of the best forum posting sites?


Choosing a forum that would answer all your questions is really quite hard. Not everything that you find on the Internet is worthwhile. That is why it is important to find a forum that offers certain features that would come in handy. Features matter when it comes to forums as it has a lot of effect on the development of the community. These features often determine the engagement of the people. It often leads to a lot more responses and messages. It would even lead to a growth of the users.

This means it is worth noting which of the features you should look for in a forum before getting into the community. You should save yourself your precious time if you think the features are really not worth it. The best features you should look at are the ones underlying. imbibes most of these features.

1. Discussion Types - One of the first things to consider while choosing a forum should be the types of discussion. Some forums would mostly concentrate on a particular genre or niche. This might be beneficial as well as problematic. If a forum is only concentrated on a particular genre, there are chances that it might offer detailed information on related topics. People interested in such topics would frequent the place and there would be a healthy discussion. However, it would not involve a wide range of topics. is a place where you would find variety as well as a good online community.

2. Rich Content - This is probably the most important thing to be considered while a particular forum is being considered. You can never ignore the content or how much it could amount to. This is only possible if the community is very active and put regular posts along with images and other content that helps the members. It is a really good thing to be a part of a healthy community. is one such community that offers to the growth of all the members and information seekers.

3. Mentions - Being able to mention another member, author or contributor is a necessary parameter that is required in most forums. It helps the person to identify the person to whom he is replying. Having this feature in forums is really quite helpful and can bring clarity to the discussions. Without this feature, the place really becomes clumsy and it is really difficult to figure out for those who are not participating at present.

4. An advanced editor - An advanced editor is a must for any forum. The editor should recognize text and HTML. Adding images and videos should be easy as well. Including rich content should not be very difficult. This would make the forum among the good ones. You can always differentiate between a good and crappy website by looking at the editors and how much they care about the editors. has a really good editor and the interface is pretty good.

5. Notifications - Notifications should also be enabled for the forum. This means you might forget about your requirements and whenever your question is answered by someone, you need to be notified about it. The users need to be notified through emails and apps about the updates and anything new related to the topic. All of this generally marks a good forum. is a place which really offers a wonderful place to do this and with grace.

6. Powerful user profiles - Each user should be able to create a profile where personal information can be put. This would lead to the growth of the community. These should be real personalities and they should be able to uphold themselves. They should be able to share their knowledge through comments, discussions. Thus they can create an image of themselves in the virtual world through the forum. There could be reactions, abilities, badges and even more. All of this actually makes it more engaging for the users and they start to put up more healthy discussions.

7. Auto-save - Auto-save should be one of the features that should be present. This allows the users to not write the whole thing again in case of a mishap. This would mean that no content would be lost in any way. People do not like to see their hard work go to waste and this is one of the ways to determine that.

8. Avatars - Avatars really look cool and it could be a really good idea to have avatars in the forums. Also, if the avatars are customised according to the theme of the forum, they would suit much better. Though it is not a necessary feature, this definitely does the job of exciting users.

9. Real-time edits and previews - Members should be able to edit their comments in real-time and they can edit the existing comments right in the page. This must be something that should be present in the forum. is a website which offers amazing features and this would surely be something that you should try out.

10. Private Messaging - One of the most convenient tools in any forum could be a private messaging option. There might be someone who needs to follow-up on an answer and needs specifics. This could be just the way to do so. Without an option for private messaging, it might be difficult to get in touch with a person whom you have got to know through the community. Thus private messaging could really do the job.

11. Powerful Search - A powerful search tool is very important in the best forums. The search tool should be able to search the particular query that the user is looking for and offer a really good match. Without this, all the other features of the forum might seem dull. It would play a really good role in improving the performance and popularity of the forum.

While choosing a forum, these are some of the things that must be kept in mind. If you choose carefully, you would get the answer to every question and be a part of a community that is helpful and knowledgeable.