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Dr. Supreena Narayanan

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What are the Important Aspects Determined by a virtual assistant in digital marketing?


The virtual assistants used for SEO perform all the tasks needed to improve your search engine ranking. They fall into two categories: on-site SEO and offsite SEO.

What are the Important Aspects Determined by a virtual assistant in digital marketing?

Important aspects they deal with are as follows:

Google Analytics

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You will require an online analytics tool to gather data on your website, visitors' behaviour, and demographics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular options because each SEO virtual assistant is familiar with using it, and it collects an abundance of information. Your VA can create an account on your behalf, begin collecting data and use the software to produce reports on the results you're experiencing due to SEO improvement.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is as crucial as SEO on the internet. It covers a variety of tasks, all of which the SEO virtual assistant will perform for you.

The basis for SEO that is offsite SEO is link creation. In a way, the process of building links is out of your control - it is up to others whether to incorporate the links to your website within their web pages. However, the SEO virtual assistant can provide ways to improve the effectiveness of your link-building efforts.

Online Directories

One method to build links is by using directories online. They're the modern version of the old-fashioned phone book -- they're an opportunity to showcase businesses to reach local customers and customers looking for products or services within your field of expertise. An SEO virtual assistant will locate the appropriate directories to promote your business by analyzing factors such as relevance and domain authority and the amount of information you can add to the directory.

Guest Blogging

Another method for building links is guest blogging, which involves creating posts for publication on a blog owned by someone else instead of your own. The content should contain hyperlinks to your website (perhaps linked blog posts as well as service websites). In addition, you'll be able to draw attention from a brand new group of visitors. If you're able to blog as a guest blogger on a website with authority higher than yours, the chances are that you'll boost the visibility of your business.

A virtual assistant can assist you in many ways through guest blogging.

  • Find opportunities to contact the bloggers' owners
  • Drafting blog posts
  • The content you write is proofread and ensures it is in line with your blog's guidelines.
  • Broken Link Building

Another method of link building is to repair broken links. This means locating outbound links in your area of expertise that no longer function. Create an article on the same subject, and then you reach out to owners of a website using the broken link by offering your content as an alternative.

The problem with this method is that it is very time-consuming and not be worth the effort. However, a VA aware of the current best practices in broken link building could make this method effective. For example, the VA can utilize tools for reclamation links like Ahrefs to locate broken links from rivals and find websites with hyperlinks. In addition, to help you save time, your VA can look for resources that have links to the ones that you already have or at least comparable enough to modify for the specific purpose.

YouTube Marketing

If you use videos as an integral part of your marketing plan, it is essential to use YouTube. Although the primary goal is the primary goal of your YouTube account is hosting videos that you could embed on your site, you need to make sure that your videos are optimized for YouTube. If you don't, you're losing out on the chance to get more views.

Your VA can help you optimize your videos for YouTube by providing them with the proper titles, creating custom thumbnails, creating SEO-friendly descriptions, and adding clickable CTAs to your videos. In addition, an SEO virtual assistant will also improve the performance of your whole YouTube channel to boost results further.

Analysis of Competitors

In the end, the final step is that your VA will be able to analyze the actions of your competitors using their SEO to determine how you stand in comparison and pinpoint areas to improve. This is among the most complex components of an SEO strategy. It can take a long time when you have a lot of direct competitors. But, it's certainly worth it considering that it could affect your strategy over the long term.

SEO Reports

The issue in SEO is that it can take time for the results you expect -- and you have to be sure that the money you invest in an assistant virtual is yielding results. The best SEO virtual agent will provide reports showing how your plan is producing tangible outcomes.

The most effective SEO virtual assistants are also aware that you might only grasp a few basic concepts of the terms used in marketing and their concepts. Therefore, these VAs can find a way to keep the reports understandable and provide enough details to prove the effectiveness of your strategy. The reports must contain the following.


A virtual advisor will explain how SEO has improved your performance in a way that will show you the ways your ranking has been boosted. The report will reveal the top pages on your list, which terms they rank for, and their position in results for the search.


It is an easy metric to comprehend. Additionally, when paired with the number of new visitors, their time spent on the site, and bounce rates, it can give you a glimpse into your brand's popularity. Finally, your virtual assistant should provide you with data on where the traffic comes from, what devices people use to access your website, and the pages they are browsing.


The conversion rate is vital because it reveals how your SEO efforts affect sales. If you've got a long sales funnel, your virtual assistant can include conversions before the sale, like subscriptions to newsletters or a free trial. This factor will help you understand the extent to which SEO plays a role in every step of buying.