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What can I eat and do not even eat in piles?


Due to wrong eating habits, nowadays 3 out of 5 people are troubled by somebody's health problems. Piles or piles are also one of these. Hemorrhoids are also of two types: bloody piles and wart hemorrhoids. These diseases once again become again. In such cases, people with hemorrhoids should pay very much attention to their diet. Today, we will tell you what things should be eaten in Piles or Piles and what things should be avoided. You can also consult with top best Piles doctor in Jaipur.

Reasons for piles

• Pressure while doing showcasing.

• Stay constipation.

• Stay in the same position.

• Standing for long.

• Obesity.

• Fiber Lack

• Reasons for Genetics.

What can I eat and do not even eat in piles?

Symptoms of piles

1. Bleeding during the bowel movement.

2. Excretion of a sputum secretion from the anus.

3. Feeling of a painful swelling or lump near the anus.

4. Itching in the anal area, which can be stopped or stopped?

These things do not eat in piles

Green or red chili:

Red or green chili should not be eaten if there is a problem of hemorrhoids. By eating chilies, the wounds of hemorrhoids become active once again. Hot spices, spicy, powdered food should not be eaten with chili as well.

Smoking and Gutkha:

The use of intoxicant or smoking is the reason for increasing any disease. Along with eating betel nut, gutkha, pan masala, smoking cigarettes also increases the problem of hemorrhoids. People who are troubled by the problem of hemorrhoids should stay away from drunkenness.

Avoid fast food:

Keep people away from Piles as fast as possible, as fast as possible. Instead of eating fast food, you can add fruits, or some special vegetables like cabbage, beet, tomato etc. to your diet, which are very beneficial and also help in getting rid of this problem.

Eating out:

Avoid eating outdoors when hemorrhoids should be avoided because salt, peppers, and cleanliness are not taken into account in the outside food, whereas in the household food is cooked cleanly and spices are used less. Piles of infection can increase by eating unhealthy and pain also increases very much.

Eat these when hemorrhoids:

Green leafy vegetables:

If there is a problem of hemorrhoids, green leafy vegetables should be eaten. Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of nutrients and antioxidants. The digestive system is well-cured only after eating them, after hemorrhoids cure. Include spinach, leaf cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, cucumber, and carrots etc., in your problem of hemorrhoids.

Drink plenty of water

In this problem, at least 3 to 4 liters of water should be consumed daily. Drinking excessive amount of water leaves the toxic substances easily out of the body. Apart from this, drinking plenty of water can ease bowel movements and there is no constipation problem.

Whole grains

On the issue of hemorrhoids, brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain flour, whole wheat pasta, and multi-grain bread should be included in the diet. By eating these things in hemorrhoids, this problem is very beneficial in this problem.

Drink something:

By applying buttermilk or curd, the digestive tract remains correct. Properties in curd help to increase the immunity of the body. Along with this, they reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Radish intake:

Daily consumption of radish also provides relief from the problem of Piles or Hemorrhoids. The properties found in the radish do work to relieve piles.

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