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What is Bulk SMS Marketing?


What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS is the most cost effective & innovative way to reach customers directly for immediate marketing. In other words, Bulk SMS is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It's far utilized by media agencies, firms, banks (for advertising and marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of functions such as leisure, business enterprise, and Mobile marketing. Click here for Cheapest Bulk SMS Service

This is because every mobile user reads his SMS upon receipt due to curiosity, unlike the traditional advertisement means like the Newspapers which never gets to most people or posted emails which most times stops at the reception. Its web interface provides clients with a simple-to-use yet highly functional system for sending mobile SMS messages. This marketing technique will help you to satisfy the text-messaging needs and wants of businesses in the most affordable manner.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Phone Number Database:

There are thousands of companies who provide you with active and live phone numbers to which you can send your messages to.

How it works:

Bulk SMS Provider Companies will create Bulk SMS account for you with username and password to enable you to log in or send SMS on your own, from our website or you provide us with your message(s) and phone numbers while we help you deliver your message(s).

In what format should the Bulk Text file be?

It must be a text file. CSV/TXT. As long as the numbers are in a text file, and the numbers are human readable, separated from one another either by a space, comma, dot, or any other character, our application can pick them out even if they are inconsistent.

Key Features of Bulk SMS and API Service

1. Send SMS to all Indian Mobile Networks.

2. Send SMS with your Branded Sender ID from our Online Bulk SMS Program or SMS Excel Plugin.

3. Send SMS using a web-based system, Excel SMS Plugin, or HTTP API.

4. Instant delivery of messages and online delivery status report.

5. Track the history of bulk SMS sent. Very handy information for bulk SMS promotions and services.

6. Manage message templates. A very good feature for Bulk SMS Promotion Campaigns.

7. A very good feature for SMS Promotion Campaigns.

8. Easy to integrate and deploy. That's the power of our Bulk SMS Solutions.

9. Free Phone/Email/Chat Support.

10. No setup costs and no hidden costs.

11. Quality & 24/7 Support

What is the Signup Process for Bulk SMS?

You need to put your details on our website feedback page with a valid phone number, System will send you an SMS on the number that you need to use to activate your account. Also your "from ID/Brand" will be manually checked and then only your account will able to send SMS from your "Brand/Sender ID"

Can I send SMS to other countries?

Yes, you can send to 400+ Networks around the World. You can also opt for Voice Call Service