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Kanika Ahuja

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What is Freelancer and Tips to be a Successful Freelancer


A freelancer: a freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer. Freelancers have a variety of reasons for freelancing, the apparent advantages differ by gender, industry, and way of living. Freelancing is a gendered type of work. Freelancers work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work. Freelancer is someone who works for different organizations, rather than working for a single organization, a freelancer has no boundaries they are self-employed and work from home. Freelancing is just a small part of Digital Marketing .

What is Freelancer and Tips to be a Successful Freelancer

Tips to be Successful Freelancer:

Number 1 : Collecting payments; now this is very important because I've noticed that every time we gave the client our bank details it takes them very long to take the payment because the process is long they have to log into your bank account and then transfer that money to you that way or if they have to go into the bank and then deposit that money into your account so one of the quickest ways to get these payments sorted is by using a payment gateways like PayPal or stripe now I'm a fan of stripe because majority of people or what I've noticed in clients is they don't use PayPal but everyone has a debit or credit card so stripe allows you to take payments that way, so you just create a page made with gravity forms and link it up with stripe and then that way you can just send them a link they fill in the details and then all they have to do is to take out their card make a payment and that's it.

Number 2 : Invoicing; invoicing is very important never ever take on a project without raising an invoice because it's hard to track your payments and also it's quite difficult when you have a long client a long-term client and majority of what you agreed was just verbally and you've taken that money so you need a trail of information every time you do a transaction, so raising an invoice is very important. There are many invoicing platforms so choose one according to your suitability.

Number 3 : Project management software; now we all have used email, but using email is kind of crazy because sometimes a client would send you an email and it lands up in the spam folder, so it messes up your workflow now you can imagine if you have to say ten clients and you're trying to work off of your email it's going to be crazy so I recommend using something like Basecamp; Basecamp is fantastic because you can actually create projects for every single client and all your communication is basically in that project so whatever attachments or communication that you're having comments all that is in is within that project.

Number 4 : Taking deposits; never take a job without a deposit of course there are some exceptions depending on what you're working on but when you ask for a deposit and the client pays that means they're serious about taking on that project so I recommend taking about fifty percent down and then maybe twenty-five percent just before the job is done and then finally taking the final payment.

Number 5 : and this is the final one now every time you get a client or a contract obviously things will be exciting or the client is excited to meet you and have you work on their project you're excited because there's money coming in but things can go crazy down the line because if you don't have a contract in place you'll find that he will be working with things that are beyond what you expected and the client perhaps may have some expectations so having a contract keeps everything in check because it saves you time and frustrations because a client may assume that after you design their website for example you then do the updates for them right to the moment you mentioned maintenance fee he then start falling into a lot of problems so having a contract whereby you state all these things way ahead of time and going through that contract with your client is one way of saving a lot of in the future.

So these are five tips that can help you become a successful freelance designer.

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