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Dilip Gurjar

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what is Internship in the Digital Marketing


Are you a pass out fresher or still studying in college? 

Well, it doesn't matter much when it comes to doing an internship.

Once you decide to enter a professional world, there are hundreds of internship opportunities around, which you can grab during or after your college.

In this modern era, the world is getting digitized rapidly and people have accepted this digitalization with complete affection. So if you’re confused with finding a career for yourself, Digital Marketing Internship is the best option you can go for.

Before discussing the importance and benefits of doing an internship in digital marketing for freshers, let us quickly discuss in brief about what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a product, service, or brand digitally on the internet. It is the field that consists of maximum job opportunities and with every passing day, these opportunities are continuously increasing.

Almost every organization throughout the globe needs digital marketers for their company and thus digital marketing is undoubtedly the best career option in today’s world.

So now that you are aware of the brightness that the future in digital marketing holds, it is very important for you to know about the basic and foremost requirement that an individual needs to fulfil to become a digital marketing expert.

Companies who are hiring digital marketing experts seek sufficient knowledge and skills in an individual. This is the reason why every aspirant who wants to develop a career in digital marketing is heading towards an internship.

Internship in digital marketing is highly significant, not only because it gives practical exposure to digital marketing, but also because of the immense benefits you can get from the internship.

So now coming to the most important section of this article, here are the 5 reasons why digital marketing internship is important for freshers.

1) Practical Knowledge of Digital Marketing 

I bet you’ll agree that gaining practical knowledge of something is far better than the theoretical one.

An internship in digital marketing provides practical knowledge and insight of its every vertex. During your digital marketing internship, you will come to know about different tools and the latest technologies of digital marketing that would aid you to execute your learning.

You will work on live projects and get the feel of working in a company. Being a fresh you also will understand the processes through which real jobs are done.

Once you become an intern in digital marketing, you will come to work in different areas of digital marketing like; SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, etc.

2) Development of Social Skills 

The second important reason that depicts the benefit of digital marketing internship for freshers is the “development of social skills”.

It is vital for you to understand that the life of an employee is very much different from college life. Being a fresher when you enter into the professional world, you need to accept a lot of things and social skills play an imperative role to help you do so.

During an internship in digital marketing, candidates work with other colleagues and learn about how the actual industry works. You can get an actual feel of the office environment and thus your social skills get developed.

3) Learning from Industry Experts 

Digital marketing is the field in which its core aspects keep on changing constantly. Therefore it is quite possible that what you might have learned in your training institute or theoretical sessions may be different from what a company expect you to do in a job.

Here comes internship into play.

In your internship session, you will learn from the industry experts and get prepared for the changes that occur in the niche. These digital marketing experts equip you with practical training that is based on new strategies and the latest business tools so that you can easily shape yourself according to the industry requirements.

4) Strengthen Your Resume 

The importance of a strong resume for getting the job in top companies is very high, and thus it is highly significant for you to select only the best institute for digital marketing internship that provides certified training.

Doing so will strengthen your resume and allow recruiters of the company prefer you for the desired job role over other candidates.

And if your performance is pretty good enough during the internship session, then sometimes the same company, which provided you digital marketing internship offers you a job.

5) Communication and Timing Discipline 

Being a college pass out fresher it is quite obvious that you are unaware of the communication and timing disciplines required by an employee in the organization. Thus another important reason for doing an internship in digital marketing is to learn required disciplines.

During your college days, you might be waiving off lectures if not able to reach college on time, but in a company, it is strictly instructed to every employee to reach the workplace on time.

Thus, being an intern in digital marketing you learn the importance of punctuality so that you never get late reaching your company once you get placed. To learn more about the disciplines in the field of digital marketing, you can follow some of the top digital marketing experts and influencers of the world.


Here from this article, it can be concluded that doing a digital marketing internship is highly important for freshers as it prepares you to develop a bright career in the field of digital marketing.

Just select an appropriate and certified institute for the digital marketing internship, which helps you to drive your future towards the brighter end. For any queries or confusion regarding the same, feel free to leave your comments below.