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What is the best property investment option in tricity?


Most people ask us this question when it comes to business investments, and the foremost thing is the location. Yes, if you can find the best place which is approachable to your customer-base what more do you need?

So, instead of having a bigger shop in an area where there is no foot-fall, its better to have a small shop in the area, which has more foot-fall at any given time.

When people ask us where to invest for business purposes or commercial property investments, we recommend the HLP Galleria Mohali, A commercial project that is developing in Mohali.

It is a High Street Shopping Complex, multiplex & mall all at one place, in the heart of Mohali, Sector 62 Phase 8. It is located right behind the Cosmo Hospital.

HLP Galleria Mohali Commercial Property investment-cascade buildtech
Why to invest in HLP Galleria?

We are sure it is going to be the hub for fun food and shopping in the coming times.
People of Mohali do not have any available area to shop, party and enjoy, and they need to go to either to Elante or to North Country Mall, which are located on two extreme corners.

The HLP Galleria Shopping Complex and Mall is going to be their main attraction as it is located in the middle of Mohali i.e. sector 62 Phase 8. Approachable for people of Mohali & Chandigarh both.

Prime Location of HLP Galleria makes it best option for commercial property investments

For now, check out this location, and soon we will share the main attractions that HLP Galleria has to offer in the heart of Mohali!!!

We don’t think you can ever have anything better than the HLP Galleria Mohali for the commercial property investments.

Other properties for commercial investments

Though there are many other commercial projects for property investments which are coming up really well in other locations in tricity like HLP Social Square in Zirakpur, Jubliee Walk in Mohali, Maya Garden Magnesia or MGM in Mohali, Maxxon Celebration in Zirakpur, GBP Centrum in Zirakpur etc.

We will share information on all these commercial projects in tricity with all the pros and cons. You can then take your decisions where you want to put your investments!!