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Parthajit Bairagi

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What is The Best Short Throw Projector?


In the projector business there are devices with special characteristics for different segments and industries. In fact, some manufacturers are targeting short throw projectors, which allow users to easily configure devices within any small-scale area. Such is the case of BenQ, which has just presented three new models.

BenQ's new series of short throw projectors includes three models: MX631ST, MW632ST and MS630ST , which deliver 3,200 lumens of brightness and SmartEco technology , enabling energy savings, automatic trapezoidal configuration tools, connectivity options, and the ability to Fill a 100-inch screen in just six feet away. Ideal either for small or medium spaces.

"Our new projectors of the new short-throw series represent the latest integrated solutions, made for today's small and medium-sized spaces," commented Peter Tan, President of BenQ Latin America Corp.

At the same time, the executive added: " The combination of quality and image with Colorific technology, simple configuration tools, and the ability to instantly connect to the entire current ecosystem of portable devices, within your home or office achieves great entertainment possibilities. on screen directly from the palm of your hand. With up to 10,000 hours of useful life, customers are finally able to take advantage of innovations with the most advanced projectors on the market. "

Short throw projectors allow users to easily configure devices within any small-scale area. These have 1.2x zoom and automatic trapezoidal capabilities to further streamline the configuration process. In addition to the Colorific duo, these projectors include a 10W balanced acoustic speaker allowing the room to be filled with great sound, while dual HDMI slots allow seamless switching of digital sources for the immediate entry of any entertainment. Also, taking advantage of Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) technology, the MX631ST, MW632ST and MS630ST allow customers to stream content directly from any compatible mobile phone or tablet to the projector.

Both the MX631ST and MW632ST are equipped with Colorific technology, which provides image quality by optimizing the color palette for specific media, such as: presentations, movies or photographs. With the generation of over one billion colors to create vibrant images, Colorific technology produces visual impact without the risk of discoloration or yellow-trending images.

The MS630ST offers screen flexibility with 3200 ANSI lumens of high brightness and 13,000: 1 contrast ratio using DLP Link 3D technology. This projector is SVGA becoming the ideal complement for small space, small business and education settings.

This series also features BenQ's SmartEco technology, with users able to experience brightness, innovation and performance. By means of the "Smart Eco" projectors, the units are automatically adjusted to the power of the reproduction lamp of these devices up to 70% in order to use the right amount of light and brightness.

To further reduce power consumption, an "Eco Blank" mode in this series allows users to leave the screen blank when no projection is required, while the "No Source Detected" mode automatically reduces the brightness to 30% when the screen has been turned off for more than three minutes. After 20 minutes of inactivity, the projectors turn off automatically to save energy.