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What is Vedic astrology all about?


Vedic astrology is one of the most ancient sciences available to us. Our Rishi’s 1000’s of years back transferred us the know how to read and predict the future through the methods and calculations of Vedic astrology. Jyotish shashtra as we call it is a part of the six vedangas which are itself a part of the vedas. I call Vedic astrology a gift to mankind given to us by god through our rishis and munis. It is a divine blessing of the lord to show the rightful path to his created souls who are born on earth to go through the cycle of life as prescribed by him. Vedic astrology is a guiding force and light which sometimes encourages you and sometimes rightfully cautions you. It gives us a direction and can really be helpful for making important decisions in one’s life.

What is Vedic astrology all about?

Vedic astrology is beautifully placed in front of us as a birth chart with 12 houses , each house representing various aspects of our lives. From house number 1 representing our personality to 2nd our wealth , 3rd our perseverance, 4th comforts, 5th education , 6th diseases-enemies , 7th marriage-partnership ,8th sudden changes-Death ,9th fortune, 10th career , 11th gains and 12th losses and overseas. These were just a few important indications because the above houses indicate many more aspects which cover all areas of our lives. So one house indicates many areas.

Map of heaven - The birth chart or janam kundali is nothing but just a map of the sky (heaven) when we are born. All the planets as they are aligned at that time as per there degrees and signs come and place themselves in our birth chart depending upon the rising sign that minute as per place and time of birth.

Karma ??

Now this is the question to ask. Why are 2 people so differently destined? I get this question daily so I decided to answer this here. Vedic astrology is the unfolding of our previous birth karmas in this life which we bare through planetary effects and periods. We humans on this planet are impacted my 9 planets including rahu and Ketu which are shadow planets. What results we will get negative or positive can easily be assessed by a learned astrologer looking at the dasha period of the planets currently affecting the person. Some people get early success, some get very late. This all depends on the karmic cycle god has defined for us which in Vedic astrology we can see through planet positions and dasha periods. This is precisely why I earlier stated this to be a gift of god. By seeing things coming we can be better prepared and plan accordingly.

How can we people benefit from it? It’s very simple I believe. There are lot of myths going around about astrology. Vedic astrology cannot completely change your destiny but it can definitely make your good period better and make your bad period stable and give you more strength to handle it. Vedic upays (remedies) as we call them go a long way in making things smoother for you (which we will discuss later in this piece).

 Timing — It is all about timing. This is what we often hear and trust me it is the truth. When time is on your side dust becomes gold and when it is anti you even the wall painting hanging on your wall is eaten up by the wall itself (ancient quote). Astrology gives us a sense of this timing. This is huge - not just a statement. Through calculations if we arrive that this particular person will go through a particular period (good or bad) affecting x,y,z areas of his life at different phases of his life indicating severely troublesome periods to golden periods, imagine the kind of planning he can do and make good use of this. One can be cautious financially, medically, family wise etc and take decisions as per his gut but well balanced with truth reality and astrology coming in gives him the above option. Vedic upays such as mantra chanting of the respective planets and gods, daan (this is the most important according to me), karma Kaand (Puja upaasna of the gods) go a long way in removing obstacles and smoothening one’s path ahead.


Life, marriage, education etc —well this is where it all boils down to. Please tell me my future?? The biggest question in the world unknown to most has been asked at a blink of an eyelid - and I say why not. If we have Vedic astrology at our behest why not ask this question. As earlier said the 12 houses tell us all about what we want to know. Will a person have good relations with partner, parents, friends etc, health, wealth all can be predicted. Which areas of life and relations will trouble him and where will one gain from. What career is good home or abroad, business or service, Politics or social work, name fame or defame. All these can be answered. Now the caveat is hard work or how much of it or all is destiny? - Now this is where it seems all lull and dull — No the truth is as modern astrology is a predictive tool, it gives indications on which we make predictions. But the extent of your good or bad has somewhat Yourself also to account for. Like to win a lottery my brother you need to purchase a ticket. Sitting in the house no one even wins a lottery. So what I am trying to suggest that if your karmic deeds are great and your birth chart reflects that you will get all the riches and benefits but if you worked harder then at those positives periods you could have risen to much higher heights that you are at. Similarly if you are suffering from bad periods as suggested by an astrologer if you maintain calm and work hard like never before you will come out faster and trust me astrology backs this logic. The planet Saturn (shani) is known as a planet of perseverance and hardwork. It loves people who work hard and sweat it out. It blesses them at the end though it takes its time but you will get your due.   so even the PLANETS are watching my friend .

If we are born here we have to go through the grind. But we can make sure the grind is bearable, fruitful and leads us somewhere worthwhile. Vedic astrology ensures this on our lovely planet called earth.

Author bio - Shrivardhan Kanoi is a learned astrologer and researcher. 10 years of research at a young age gave him certain practical reading skills that help him to predict better. He is also the director founder of my future mirror (web and app) portal. He perused his passion of astrology and went ahead to form this Portal.