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What is VPS Hosting and when to choose it ? - Host IT Smart


The main purpose behind launching a Website for your product is to market and promote it effectively on a bigger platform, making it available to the worldwide audience via the World Wide Web. There are multiple types of Web Hosting types available to choose from. These are broadly classified on the basis of various aspects like their amount of storage capacity, reliability, server speed amongst others into: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

VPS Hosting or Virtually Private Hosting is the kind of Web Hosting that is a balance of Shared and Dedicated Hosting creating an option for the users which has an average of the qualities and characteristics of both the Shared and the Dedicated types of Hosting. With VPS Hosting, your site does continue to be on a Shared server, although this one would be partitioned or divided into a number of virtual machines; treating each of them as if they were an individual, independent Dedicated Server.

VPS Hosting is much safer, secured and faster as compared to the Shared Server but is not as safe and efficient as the Dedicated Server.

Owing to the above characteristics, a VPS Hosting Server is preferred by small or medium sized businesses who tend have limited funds and are in requirement for a comparatively cheap yet efficient Server.

VPS is basically created by the process of Virtualization, which creates partitions within a solitary physical server which leads to the formation of multiple servers within it. VPS Hosting is gradually becoming the most preferred and sought-after type of Web Hosting because of its array of highlighting features, the main one being its ability to provide a controlled environment like that of a Dedicated Server while being in a comfortably priced bracket much on the lines of a Shared Server.

VPS provides you with a flexibility to decide on the software and the operating system that you choose to install on the server; providing you with more RAM, Disk Space and CPU and a faster loading experience at the same time.

Choosing the correct or ideal type of Web Hosting is not an easy task and thus it is very important that you are well informed with the multiple options available to choose from. The Virtually Private Server can be classified into: Open VZ VPS Hosting, Xen VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Open VZ VPS Hosting refers to a container-based virtualization solution that enables the said administrators to create multiple, independent operating systems on a web server.

Here, each container shares the same base Operating System but functions as an independent Linux container unit. Each server container behaves and delivers like an individual server, having an independent root access, storage, configuration and IP address. An Open VZ VPS Hosting is ideal for you if you do not have any specific special requirements.

Xen refers to the Xen Project Hypervisor, which has been developed with support from Intel by the Linux Foundation. The primary aim of the development of this server type was to generate a mechanism with the help of which, the Linux kernel could be used as a hypervisor while virtualizing

computer systems.

As opposed to the other virtualisation systems available, that generally create files on the host’s system for the purpose of storage so as to manage their virtual hard drives; Xen Virtually Private Servers can put to use the Linux logical management to help create logical volumes which can be used as datastores. A key highlighting feature of the Xen Virtually Private System refers to its distinguishing ability to live migrate a particular guest machine from its one physical host to the other.

This is very effectively done by essentially copying the memory from the currently running virtual machine to the host that it is being moved to. It is possible for the machine to pause for a fraction of second during the process if migration. Thus, it is quite well supported with regular updates and plenty of online help.

The Windows VPS Hosting refers to the kind of server Hosting software that is based on the Windows technology. The Windows Virtually Private Server is best known for its characteristic additional features. The Widows Virtually Private Server is comparatively cheap. This type of server offers guaranteed security. The Windows VPS Server is believed to have the best performance within the current available options. The biggest highlighting feature of the Windows VPS Hosting is its flexibility.

The users can increase or decrease their assets depending on their particular needs. The Windows VPS Hosting comes with a greater backup and takes care of your virtual server while ensuring regular, time-to-time updates. The Linux Virtually Private Server Hosting is the type of hosting which basically acts like a dedicated server minus the exorbitant charges that come along with it. The Linux Server comes at a comparatively low cost accompanied by a certain level of reliability, flexibility, security and performance.

The Linux VPS is also highlighted by other features like a good bandwidth, random access memory and a good server space, which is independent of other users. The Linux Virtually Private Server is a good option for businesses owing to its features of seamless VPS Hosting Support, high speed connectivity, 99.95% of uptime and high-end security control.

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A Managed Virtually Private Server, commonly referred to as the Managed VPS stands for a hosting service which aims to provide you with an independent, virtual server with regular content backup, a 24-hour live monitoring and tech support and a control panel.

It is very important for the users to be well informed with the types and benefits of each of the Virtually Private Server Hosting’s before choosing a VPS Hosting plan. There is no best VPS plan as such but it basically is a subjective choice depending on your particular needs. It is very important that you go through a thorough VPS Hosting comparison before choosing your VPS Hosting Plan.

A Virtually Private Server is basically the one that is partitioned or divided virtually so that each of these have their own operating systems, bandwidth and disc space. There are a number of pros and cons of the Virtually Private Server Hosting.

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