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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | entertainment

What living room set furniture do you get to make the fireplace the focal point of the room?


The natural focal point of most living rooms is the sofa or sectional. As the largest piece of furniture to be found in such a location, these furnishings immediately draw the eye. But when you have a nice fireplace or a masterpiece of art, you might not want your furniture to take center stage.

If you want to change the focal point of your living room to one of these items, take note of these suggestions for getting the right furniture for your interior design.


What living room set furniture do you get to make the fireplace the focal point of the room?

Avoid sectionals and modular sofas

Some sofas are minimalist in their frame and construction, making them suitable for such a living room design. However, most furniture sets are going to have a full-size couch that would easily dwarf your efforts to change the centerpiece of the room. Sectionals and modular sofas, while seemingly convenient, overshadow all else in the room.

Instead of getting larger sofas, choose a furniture set that has a loveseat option. You can seat more people with two loveseats than you can with one average-sized sofa, but because they are two pieces facing each other rather than one big piece facing your focal point, they do a much better job of blending into the overall design rather than taking center stage.


Choose other small furniture items

Most of the living room set furniture collections available give you more versatility than ever before. Rather than being limited to love seats and accent chairs, you can also get benches, ottomans, and stools from within the same collections or brands. This makes it very easy to fit more seating into the area, leaving plenty of open space to enjoy the fire.

As a bonus, look for storage ottomans and benches. They have interior storage that can be used for throws, pillows, party games, and other items you might use in the living room.


Use a small cocktail table and minimize clutter and décor

If you want to really bring the furniture in toward the fireplace, give your guests the convenience of a table for their beverages and other items. Look for smaller square coffee tables to match your dual loveseats. The room will feel cozier and keep everything focused on the fireplace. Avoid too much furniture, as an open airy space is more likely to be relaxing while enjoying the fire.


Shop online for more ideas

When you shop for your living room furniture online, you have access to a much wider variety of furniture than you can find in your hometown or local furniture dealer. Online stores offer many different collections, furnishings, and décor that will fit any budget and be perfect for this type of living room design.

In addition to getting the best variety, you’ll also get the best prices. Online furniture stores often have clearance sections, give discounts for buying multiple pieces in the same collection, or meet a specific order amount. They also usually have free shipping to your door of any furniture that you buy online, so long as you meet a minimum dollar amount.