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Ayorima Mitra

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What Makes Your Business Idea Stand Out?


What Makes Your Business Idea Stand Out?

Undeniably, commercially viable innovation is the primary reason for a business to stand out. Focussing on this particular point, ideas can be pointed out for the same. As it has been proven over time that no matter how easy a business start-up seems, it becomes difficult in most of the cases to make it last longer in the market. This uncertainty and pressure demands dedication and the will to withstand the hardships that comes on the way.

● Keeping track of the competition:

Aspiring entrepreneurs must keep a detailed track of what kind of business he is going to plunge into, how exactly potential their power is and on which ground one may get ousted from the position of entrepreneurship. Keeping a track of the competitors helps one to create commercially viable innovations and makes him stand out in the crowd.

● The first impression is the last impression:

To make a business stand out, one must be sure to create a good impression on their customers firstly about their loyalty, their behaviour and must sound promising, all because the first impression matters the most. The customers choose to be loyal to a company’s products and services initially because the company sounds promising. This has an everlasting impact on the market.

● Finding out one’s speciality:

To stand out at the business, one must find out the unique services that he can provide. This would not only bring the business under the limelight but will also increase the profits significantly. After all, all savour uniqueness.

● Being ready to cater to customer’s immediate need:

Being an entrepreneur in India needs a mind to be able to cater to the customer’s immediate needs. This highlights customer-satisfaction, making the company stand out so that the existing customers give references to other people.

● Providing a free-trial:

Everyone wants a free trial of the services before investing in them. This helps the customer to make sure they are choosing the right product and the services for themselves, keeping them coming back to them.

● Being responsive to the customers:

Providing good communication portals keeps the customers assured of the loyalty of the company. Replying to their queries, guiding them when needed by the experts makes one’s business stand out.

Therefore, commercially viable innovations mentioned above may help people to make their businesses stand out as dreamt of as an entrepreneur. The emergence of entrepreneurship in India has not been quite smooth, but it has improved itself up to many folds by now. The competitive market now has only lead to tempting entrepreneurs to wish for their businesses to stand out.

Ideas and points are given by Abhijeet Chakraborty. He himself is a young entrepreneur in India who is now going global with his IT company Integra Technologies LLC.